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The Holy Bible (King James Bible, Authorized Version 1611)

The King James Bible is the world's best selling book. In modern times we take for granted easy access to read the Bible, if we should so choose. It was not always so easy with much blood of God's saints having being shed for us to have this treasure at our fingertips. See Chris Pinto's masterpiece A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History for the details.  Modern computer technology has allowed the Bible to be researched in ways which in the past would not have been feasible due to time constraints.  Download advanced Bible study/search software for FREE here:
1. Click here to learn why the King James is the best/anointed English Bible
2. Click here to learn about the King James Code, God's watermark on this particular Bible (KJPBS above can be used to study the King James Code)
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Alternative Media

How often have you felt you have been lied to, or at least not told the whole truth, by your political, military, corporate or bankster leadership? As a media professional, if your organization is owned by an oligarch (either privately or by virtue of a majority share ownership as is the case of publicly owned companies) whose personal interests might be more in line with the existing corrupt special interest paradigm of crony capitalism, which drives our political process, do you dare to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth when you are under their thumb (e.g. they control your ability to make a living)?  I think not, in most cases. The natural selection process of presenters would also tend to favor choosing presenters whose background or mindset might tend to be more in line with that of the controllers (oligarchs). As a result the mainstream media's version of events is by necessity at least highly sanitized and might have a tendency to serve the propaganda or the self interests of the oligarchs.

Thus we as traders (or normal human beings who want to unplug ourselves from The Matrix and stop being a part of the slave pyramid) are forced to turn to alternative sources of media to get good information (or at least information which is unbiased and considered to be truthful in the presenters' view). This might explain why viewership of mainstream cable outlets is way down in addition to established newspapers and other traditional media outlets.

ZeroHedge - Excellent financial articles which do not mince words.  The articles are written under pseudonyms such as Tyler Durden (the Fight Club cult leader in the popular film).  Perhaps the authors fear reprisals for exposing bankster fraud etc. / - The famous radio talk show host Alex Jones who runs the site does tend to get emotional (often) on his show, but the informational content is eye-opening and excellent.

Peter Schiff Show, The Schiff Report - Peter Schiff warned the Mortgage Banking Association of the coming sub-prime crisis in 2006 (yes before the crash).  YouTube clip of the lecture/warning is here.

The International Forecaster, Bob Chapman Blog - Bob Chapman is a retired gold broker and has free excerpts of his popular subscription-based newsletters on a frequent basis as well as recordings of his radio appearances on his blog.

Max Keiser TV - Max Keiser is a former Wall Street banker and options trader who has since fled overseas to Paris in order to escape, in his view, a pending collapse of the United States.

Market Ticker Blog and Radio Show , The Market Ticker YouTube Channel - Karl Denninger is a semi-retired IT Professional who sold his successful computer business and now trades for a living.

The Money Masters, The Secret of Oz, The Still Report - Bill Still is a historian and documentary film maker whose history lesson on our monetary system will keep you riveted to your seat and makes one realize how dumbed-down (and boring) history class as taught in our public schools or universities is.  Click the link to watch the highly acclaimed masterpiece: The Secret of Oz.

Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente YouTube Channel - The ability to forecast trends gives one almost psychic foresight.  Also, the wiry Italian American Gerald Celente is not someone you want to meet in a dark alley if you are a bankster.

Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee - Group which has long been trying to shed light on the illegal suppression of gold and silver prices by central banks, in their view, which have colluded with commercial banks to do so.

The Daily Paul, Ron Paul's House of Representatives Home Page,
Campaign for Liberty, Ron Paul YouTube Channel, Ron Paul Revolution Radio - Ron Paul, as Peter Schiff, was also early to warn us about an impending housing collapse and is one of the few politicians in Washington I would trust to tell me the truth and to vote in line with his convictions rather than for political expedience/survival.  I also admire how Dr. Paul wants to stop the endless warfare and corporate/bankster welfare which is stealing our taxpayer dollars and collapsing our economy, as well as causing death and suffering overseas.  Note that Ron Paul himself does not directly manage many of the sites which have sprung up in his honor all over the Internet.

Freedom's Vision, Swarm USA, The American Party PAC - Take political action to recapture our monetary system from the banksters and reform it.

Web of Debt Blog - Ellen Brown has an excellent grasp of our money system, how it is broken and how we can fix it.  She has written many insightful articles for the Huffington Post and has authored the book Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free

Tavakoli Structured Finance - Janet Tavakoli would like to see all of the major banks prosecuted for accounting fraud, and has the derivatives knowledge to back it up.  There is no pulling a fast one on this lady!  Janet was also early to warn us of the housing/derivatives crisis as were Peter Schiff and Ron Paul.  She is also author of the book Dear Mr. Buffett: What An Investor Learns 1,269 Miles From Wall Street. - Shelley Roche is an entrepreneur and IT professional who writes this popular blog covering politics, health, technology and the economy/Federal Reserve.

Washington's Blog - As with ZeroHedge the articles are written under a pseudonym (George Washington in this case).  The blog covers political issues and current events.

FOFOA - Anonymous blogger with excellent articles on inflation and deflation.

Nathan's Economic Edge - Nathan A. Martin pilot, owner of an aviation business and author of Flight to Financial Freedom-Fasten Your Finances covers money, the economy and markets.

American Freedom Radio - Topics covered where the mainstream media dare not tread.

Oracle Broadcasting Network - Discussion on topics that go outside the bounds of conventional thinking. - Social network for freedom lovers.

* NEW * Ron Paul Social Network - Social network started by self-motivated individuals from Campaign for Liberty. This social network is not officially endorsed by Ron Paul or his campaign.

News Aggregators, RSS, Twitter, Twitter Filters

StockTwits - A trader's social network that hooks in to Twitter to filter specific stock, futures or currency tickers via the $ tag (for example the Euro would be tagged as $EURUSD) for timely updates and filtered results.  StockTwits Desktop is an Adobe Air front end resembling TweetDeck specifically geared towards traders.  There are also versions of the tool for the iPad and iPhone via their goodies link.  Tweets from your follows will also appear in the desktop stream if you so choose.  If you join StockTwits (which is free) look out for the gold star under peoples' names to see who is good to follow.

Seeking Alpha - Articles from a wide variety of sources are hand-picked for their merit.

The Drudge Report - Popular news aggregator.

The Raw Story - Popular news aggregator. Free trading signals via @RBMStratus and @aquaregiafx on twitter and free live market analysis on their site. - Ashraf Laidi is chief currency strategist at CMC Markets and his prolific and timely tweets via @alaidi on Twitter always hold some useful market insight.

DailyFx Live News - FXCM is one of the major Forex brokers with a top notch news feed and team of currency/market analysts.  You can subscribe to this feed via Twitter.

* NEW * fxKnight audio squawk and news feed

FXStreetNews - Twitter feed for web site.

FX360 - Boris Schlossberg and Kathy Lien's Twitter feed.

FXDD - Another major retail broker, FXDD has videos and articles primarily by their chief currency and trading analyst Greg Michalowski and trader Shawn Powell.

There are a ton of good people on StockTwits or Twitter to follow but I am not going to list them all here because I am too lazy.

Charts, Market Visualization, Data and Screening Tools - My favorite thing about this tool is it shows you a heat map of stocks or ETFs or which groups are moving up or down in the market on any given day. The free version has delayed data, but you can get a subscription for real time data. - Free real time streaming charting data available from the BATS exchange. They have 24 hour real time Forex majors as well.