Friday, December 24, 2010

Flatulent Bears (Text Transcript) for Deaf Day Traders - Part Deux

I am going to scoop the YouTube CC (closed captioning) bot with my superior human transcription of "JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Explained - Part 2" for deaf day traders. The cartoon bears are back and explain backwardation, that there is no actual physical silver left on the market and that the fraudulent fractional reserve gold system at the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) which apparently is controlled by The Ben Bernank and other central bank heads might hit the fan.

The tan colored bear in the cartoon speaks with a North American mid-western accent and the clueless brown bear speaks with a British accent.  The tan bear knows a trader at The JP Morgue who has given him useful insider info. The brown bear's spastic colon has perhaps worsened since part 1.

The transcript of the above video is as follows:
Tan Bear:So we are back, after being on, and I have some insider info from a trader at the JP Morgue this time. I'm going to blow the whistle again on a few things. [high pitched policeman's whistle noise]
Brown Bear:I have already made a sh*t ton of money on the last video. So let's hear what shennanigans they are up to now.
Tan Bear:Fair enough sheep. Word has it that the LBMA is on fire.
Brown Bear:What is the LBMA, and why is it on fire?
Tan Bear:The LBMA is the London Bullion Market and this is where the fire is. We didn't even see the smoke, it went straight to fire.
Brown Bear:I'm getting bored again like last time, possibly because I've had so many immunizations. My ADHD is acting up.
Tan Bear:The LBMA is where the central bankers are skinning the sheeple. The silver at the LBMA is in backwardation right now and has been for an unprecedented time.
Brown Bear:What is backwardation? And why should I care?
Tan Bear:Backwardation occures when there is market manipulation, when there can be no delivery arbitrage, because the asset is not currently available for purchase.
Brown Bear:Has this happened before?
Tan Bear:Who cares?
Brown Bear:W-T-F? What do you mean who cares? What's the point to this video then?
Tan Bear:Here's the insider info. A trader at The JP Morgue has told me something noone wants to hear.
Brown Bear:Well...go on I'm listening now. My riddlin has kicked in. [cash register noise KA-CHING!]
Tan Bear:There is no commercial silver left. It's all smoke and mirrors. It's the biggest dog and pony show known to mankind and the CFTC can do nothing about it other than pray.
Brown Bear:Elaborate please. I don't speak sh*tstorm.
Tan Bear:Do you really want to see how deep the rabbithole goes?
Brown Bear:Yes. Give me the red pill.
Tan Bear:OK I'm going to move fast so listen closely. This smoke signal, which is now raging fire at the LBMA as backwardation...this means there is no physical metal. We are already certain, as per my JP Morgue insider, that--get this--that the COMEX is settling in fiat paper. Millions of ounces have been moving in and out of the COMEX with enormous adjustments. This has never happened before...ever.
Brown Bear:Houston, we have a problem.
Tan Bear:I haven't even told you the good stuff yet. My insider has informed me, that there are two people on the CFTC that are on the JP Morgue payroll. I'm not sure who they are, but if I were blind I could see it being The Gens, The Dunn or The J Somm.
Brown Bear:Why do we care about these people?
Tan Bear:What I am about to tell you is Wikileak material. The five CFTC commissioners are the last bastion of hope for the American people. If they choose not to mandate position limits on silver then The JP Morgue will win.
Brown Bear:I'm not sure that is Wikileak material, you donkey. But I see what you're getting at.
Tan Bear:I'm not done. There are two more problems that may help the sheeple get out of this alive. There is a big problem at the BIS.
Brown Bear:What's the BIS?
Tan Bear:The BIS is the Bank of International Settlements. Would you care to know who runs the show there?
Brown Bear:Let me guess? Your mother.
Tan Bear:The Ben Bernank.
Brown Bear:Oh boy, here we go again.
Tan Bear:Guess who else is on the board there?
Brown Bear:Blanky?
Tan Bear:All the central banks' chairmen from all over the world. Please don't sh*t your pants when I explain what they've been doing with the international gold and silver swaps.
Brown Bear:[obnoxious flatulence noise BRRAAAPPP! brown bear has likely soiled himself] Just [unintelligible]. Sorry mate.
Tan Bear:The BIS has been running a fractional gold system. This will make The JP Morgue's manipulation look like Disneyland.
Brown Bear:Well what are they doing over there.
Tan Bear:They are conning countries like India in to buying gold in to the site accounts.
Brown Bear:What is a site account?
Tan Bear:The site accounts at the BIS are the fraud accounts. They pretend to allocate gold to other major players that aren't in their little circle jerk. [whurr, whurr, whurr, whurrrrr descending notes on tuba]
Brown Bear:And just who is at the circle's jerk at the BIS?
Tan Bear:All the major fiat printers like The Ben Bernank. But most importantly, King Merv.
Brown Bear:Why is The King Merv so important?
Tan Bear:Because he is loosely in charge of the LBMA.
Brown Bear:You are making this sh*t up right? You have to be kidding me? Is this silver thing just a big web of fraud and lies?
Tan Bear:Remember that 200 tons of gold that was bought by India a while back?
Brown Bear:Let me guess. That went in to a comingled unallocated site account?
Tan Bear:Of course it was. A trader at The JP Morgue has told me that China and Russia are laughing their heads off right now. It's no coincidence these two countries are requesting the actual physical [unintelligible]. The are smart enough to move it to their shores. The trust has been broken.
Brown Bear:F-M-L
Tan Bear:The Chinese are moving the physical to their shores. Last week's increase in mortgage interest rates was a smoke signal.
Brown Bear:This is insane.
Tan Bear:Is it? You must be living with normalcy bias, aren't you.
Brown Bear:Jimmy Moore, Jimmy Moore. I love this end of the world stuff.
Tan Bear:Do you know what will happen when there is a run on the unallocated accounts at the BIS?
Brown Bear:Sh*tstorm [obnoxious spastic colon noise BRRAAAPPPP! brown bear must have brown underwear by now]
Tan Bear:I thought The JP Morgue was balls deep in this but it seems we have an elephant in the room now. You had better look up the term "normalcy bias" because it's about to be put to the test.
Brown Bear:What do we do?
Tan Bear:Get off your ass, go down to the coin store or online bullion dealer and order physical. Don't worry about the price. Price means nothing. And if you leave here today with anything, leave with this. Price is fiat forget about it. You'd better start watching the physical markets.
Brown Bear:[obnoxious flatulence noise BRRAPP!] Sorry mate. Your seriousness reminded me of $500 an ounce silver again. [obnoxious stacatto flatulence noise BRAP!] Oh boy.
Tan Bear:You'd better so something about this, America. You are the only ones left to save our souls. Instead of buy a flatscreen TV go buy a tube of maples or eagles. Save yourself. The Chinese are selling their worthless fiat for silver. Are you?
Brown Bear:Is this the last of The JP Morgue manipulation?
Tan Bear:No. It seems we just got word from The Butler that the Chinese are holding the short swaps on The JP Morgue's books. But we will explain that debacle in part 3.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Schiff Strikes Back: Why Gold is NOT a Bubble

Peter Schiff defends Austrian economics against the recent New York Times article titled When Zombies Win by Keynesian Nobel laureate Paul Krugman. Mr. Schiff also explains why pundits who are bullish on the US economy in 2011 are wrong and why gold is not a bubble and will at least double from its present level.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Conspiracy Oil Trade Update: Rest in Peace Ken Fromm

Disclaimer:  Since the information contained within is so controversial, I encourage you to read my blog disclaimer in the lower left panel which applies to all content within this blog.  With regards to this article, I am merely reporting to the best of my ability the information sources I have referenced and make no claims as to the accuracy or efficacy of the information disclosed.

The brave Atlantic Richfield Chief Operating Officer Ken Fromm, who warned us of the plot to manipulate oil up to $150-$200 per barrel by the ruling elite (globalist/internationalist oligarchs) has passed away a few days ago per Pastor Lindsey Williams, chaplain to the trans-Alaska oil pipeline project.  An elitist himself, Mr. Fromm's conscience persuaded him to confide in Pastor Williams information he wanted shared with the public to prepare us for the impending economic collapse planned by the globalist elite.  Spending three years as the chaplain to the Alaska oil pipeline project gave Pastor Lindsey Williams privileged access to elite oil executives and World Bank/IMF members.  The chaplain's work boosted the morale of the workers and was well regarded amongst the executives, who gave Pastor Williams executive status in lieu of a salary, which his calling as a chaplain did not allow him to accept.  Pastor Williams lived amongst the elites, ate with them, formed friendships, sat in on their board meetings and was privy to inside information and documentation.  Two of the executives formed very close friendships with the pastor (the two Mr. X's, including Ken Fromm) and were the only individuals willing to confide in him and disclose the secretive plans of the globalist elite.

Apparently there is a second elite insider (referred to as the second Mr. X in past interviews) who is still living.  The identity of the individual is known to both Alex Jones and Lindsey Williams but has been withheld per request.  We do know from the interview I have embedded here (part 1) that the individual in question is 69 years of age, is a former retired executive (CEO) of a "major big 3" oil company and has offered to pick up the torch carried by Ken Fromm by continuing to reveal insider information disclosed to himself by other globalist elite.

Following is the information disclosed in the latest Lindsey Williams interview detailing some of the elites' plans:

1. Old disclosure by Ken Fromm:  $150-$200 per barrel oil is planned within 6-8 months of the October, 2010 interview (e.g. by June 2011).  The elites will try to push oil and the American people as far as they can.

2. European Union will have major problems, and the Euro currency will collapse before the dollar.  Once the Euro collapses you will have only 2-3 weeks to get out of anything that is paper (bank account, investments, IRA, 401k, etc.).  Per Lindsey Williams, you must cash these in at any costs.  You can not depend on social security for very long.  Your insurance policies will become worthless.

3. Learn to recognize the elites' buzzwords and read between the lines.  The globalist elite have a code of ethics which is different than our own, which is not based on religion.  Their elitist code of honor states that they must tell us what they do, before they do it.  The way the plans are communicated is not transparent, but rather through coded language, or certain "buzzwords".  The average person will listen to the public disclosures but not recognize their significance.  Two examples are given by Pastor Williams of how Mr. X number 2 (the elitist who is still living, who will henceforth simply be referred to as just Mr. X since the first Mr. X is already known to be Ken Fromm) has trained him to listen for the "buzzwords" and read between the lines:
Example 1:  The IMF recently announced [within a few days of this interview] that 15 of the major developed country governments including the UK, Spain, the United States and Greece must raise $10.2 trillion to do nothing but to repay the interest on the indebtedness of these countries.  Mr. X asked Pastor Williams, if it is possible to repay this debt?  Pastor Williams answers, "no".  This 10.2 trillion is 27% of these 15 countries' combined economic output and can not be repaid.  "So what will happen to the currencies of the US, Japan, UK if this debt can not be repaid", asks Mr. X?  "It's got to collapse", says Pastor Williams.  Mr. X says, "We told you all the time what was going to happen but the average American doesn't have sense enough to understand what we are trying to say."   [2, 3:20 in to clip]

Example 2:  Take the COMEX silver exchange.  Mr. X tells Williams, "Listen to what they told you last week."  The COMEX silver exchange are the ones who hold silver and gold for the richest people in the world, including China, Japan and Russia.  They give you a piece of paper (a contract) as a voucher for the actual silver held by them in their vaults.  The COMEX has only 107 million ounces of silver on hand but 720 million ounces worth of contractual obligations.  Mr. X asks, "When people start to ask for the delivery of that physical silver what is going to happen to the price of silver?  Mr. Fromm told you about a year or two ago that the only thing that you could spare your assets in is silver and gold."   [2, 5:20 in to clip]

So obviously the buzzwords in this case were IMF (International Monetary Fund) and COMEX, and it is up to us to read between the lines, such noticing the math does not add up.

4. Lindsey Williams believes Stephen A. Schwarzman chairman and co-founder of the Blackstone Group is one of the globalist elite, because he said last week that he (Schwarzman) was leaving the country.  [2, 8:26 in to clip]  Many of the super wealthy per Alex Jones and Lindsey Williams have moved to remote locations or are preparing/have already left the country [obviously to avoid public riots if there is a breakdown in society].

5. When the Federal Reserve starts to buy the United States' own debt, "it is practically all over" because China and Japan and other countries are not buying our debt as they used to.  The Federal Reserve is borrowing 100 billion dollars every 30 days currently.

6. Collapsing the United States is for the purpose of scooping up assets for pennies on the dollar after everything has been bankrupted.  Giving an example, Lindsey Williams states Chrysler and GM were collapsed in this fashion and bought up by the elites after a bailout at the taxpayer's expense. [3, 30 seconds in to clip]

7. Direct quote, "The Federal Reserve are basically the elite, along with some others with them."

8. 1.5 years ago, Mr. Fromm told Lindsey Williams that in 2 years you will not recognize America.  By 2012 the dollar will be dead.  In nearly two years everyone will be working for the government.

9. The plan [to collapse the United States] has been in place for 35 years.  Alex Jones (the radio presenter) interjects that once the engineered collapse is instigated, the population will be suppressed via the police state control grid which has been constructed around the American people before-hands [under the guise of keeping us safe from terrorism].

10. Devil's Messiah Plan:  In order to bring in the New World Order, God had to be removed via the introduction of evolutionary theory and the control of churches via 501(c)(3) organizational status, in order that the foundation of our society could be subverted.  Alex Jones interrupts at this point and states, "even if you are not a Christian you have to understand that social engineers have to get rid of the old order to bring in the new order so that they have dumbed us down [via toxins in our food and water, propaganda in the media and a sub-par education system], taught us not to have morals so we couldn't recognize tyranny and resist it." [ 4, 4:30 in to clip]  The European Union is part of the "Devil's Messiah" plan.  More than 10 states have been added to the EU which was intended to discredit prominent Bible scholars, who said that the EU was the fulfillment of the Book of Daniel and Revelations, which predict 10 "toes," or states.

11. America:  This is the elites' most difficult challenge.  In other words, there is still a chance we can resist and turn things around.

12. The elites' plan is to own every single thing in America.  Pastor Williams uses as an example, if/when there is a MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) bailout, the elites will take over every bit of mortgage real estate in America whether it be commercial or residential.  If/when this happens, you will henceforth be making your payment to the Federal Reserve.

13. Pastor Williams is very adamant about the following point:  Get every bit of gold and silver you can lay your hands on!

14. Gasoline should rise to over $4.00 a gallon at least.

15. Watch insider trading.  The elites, CEOs and other prominent corporate and financial leaders, know what is coming and when.  They are/will be cashing out big time.

16. With regards to the Arab world, most of them are trapped in to using the US dollar for trade (such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE) because of an agreement made years ago with Henry Kissinger.  The Arabs did bring the price of crude oil down for the purpose of putting certain countries in to a certain position where the elites wanted them. [4, 5 minutes in to click]  At this point interview time is running short, so details are missing.

17. Regarding Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan:  Henry Kissinger made an agreement years ago with Iran, which Iraq refused to go along with.  Iraq was therefore invaded, plans of which were premeditated well in advance.  It is implied that the invasion of Afghanistan is premeditated as well (e.g. not as a reaction to terrorism), but again details are missing because the interview time is short.

18. Old disclosure:  The Gull Island oil find, which was classified by the US government and permanently capped, revealed that there is enough domestic oil under the Alaska National Wilderness to last two hundred years at a cheap cost, without ever having to buy a drop of foreign oil.  The American people have been prevented from having this by the elite. Details are again missing in the Alex Jones interview, but I included the video lecture and article link that goes over the old information concerning the oil find at Gull Island. [5,6]  There is also a book written by Lindsey Williams called The Energy Non-Crisis which details the Gull Island oil find. [7]

19. The elites' last act will be to muzzle conservative talk show hosts such as Alex Jones, and then liberals ones.  Before/if Alex is silenced he will make a great outcry which will alert other media outlets to the danger to themselves.

Recently released by Lindsey Williams are the audio recordings of the words of the elite and their spokespeople which has been compiled in to a two and one half hour presentation called Confessions of an Elitist, available from [8]

As always traders, do your own due diligence.  Although I personally trust the research diligence/accuracy of Alex Jones and the honesty of Pastor Lindsey Williams, it is always possible that disinformation has been fed to them for whatever reason.

I have embedded the play list of all four parts of the interview here for your convenience:

[1] Lindsey Williams Returns: Confessions of an Elitist - Alex Jones Tv 1/4  TheAlexJonesChannel, YouTube
[2] Lindsey Williams Returns: Confessions of an Elitist - Alex Jones Tv 2/4  TheAlexJonesChannel, YouTube
[3] Lindsey Williams Returns: Confessions of an Elitist - Alex Jones Tv 3/4  TheAlexJonesChannel, YouTube
[4] Lindsey Williams Returns: Confessions of an Elitist - Alex Jones Tv 4/4  TheAlexJonesChannel, YouTube
[5] Lecture:  The Energy Non-Crisis Lindsey Williams, YouTube

[6] Gas Price Manipulation and Gull Island Oil Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief 5/18/2008
[7] The Energy Non-Crisis Lindsey Williams
[8] Confessions of an Elitist Lindsey Williams

Friday, December 10, 2010

IRS Leeches Meh Free Prize

I managed to get 9th place in the one month tradelikeamonster contest sponsored by, but will have to pay taxes on the free prize. Grrr, IRS.

Here is a screen grab of how the contest ended:

I saved a bunch of screen shots throughout the progress of the contest, which are listed here in reverse chronological order:

November 24, 2011 6 days before end of contest, final portfolio which did not change until the end. The MOS call really knocked me down, was trying for Thanksgiving rally, didn't get it:

November 12, 2010 18 days before end of contest.  APC and EXK were the best performers in the portfolio overall:

November 10, 2010 20 days before end of contest:

November 8, 2010 21 days before end of contest (after 3 days of trading, waited for QE2 announcement before doing anything):

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Flatulent Bears (Transcript) For the Deaf

I noticed there were no closed captioned subtitles for deaf people so I have transcribed the audio from the viral YouTube video "JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Explained" for deaf day traders.

The transcript of the above video is as follows:
The tan colored bear in the cartoon speaks with a North American mid-western accent and the clueless Brown Bear speaks with a British accent.  One or both of the bears has a spastic colon.

Tan Bear:Hey, wanna know some insider info?
Brown Bear:Sure, but I know the Goldman Sack only gets the insider info?
Tan Bear:Yeah they do, but I have something that you can bet the farm on that I got from a trader at the Goldman Sack. I'm blowing the whistle on the JP Morgue. [whistle noise]
Brown Bear:A sure thing?
Tan Bear:Yup, listen closely.  The Fed has been using the JP Morgue as its proxy for flooding the silver market with unbacked naked short orders.
Brown Bear:[Unintelligible] What's a naked short order, and why should I care?
Tan Bear:A naked short order is when the JP Morgue borrows silver they never had and sells it on the open markets.
Brown Bear:So...The JP Morgue is selling silver they never had.  Big deal.  Doesn't this happen every day?
Tan Bear:Sure it does but listen closely...Can you run with your pants down?
Brown Bear:No.
Tan Bear:The JP Morgue's pants are down right around its ankles right now, and they are trying to run a marathon.
Brown Bear:I don't understand [shaking head]?
Tan Bear:For a while now the fraudulent Ben Bernank of the Federal Reserve and the J Dimon of the JP Morgue have been collaborating to make billions in the silver market. [cash register noise KA-CHING!]
Brown Bear:Is the Ben Bernank and Dimon married?
Tan Bear:Yes [obnoxious grunt noise HUUUUUHHHH!] but not as homosexuals.  It's worse than that.  They are married to skin the sheeple again.
Brown Bear:What are sheeple?
Tan Bear:People that invest like sheep, that usually get slaughtered.
Brown Bear:I see.
Tan Bear:The Ben Bernank uses the JP Morgue as its proxy to short the silver markets for obvious reasons.
Brown Bear:I am stupid; it is not obvious to me.
Tan Bear:Were you dropped on your head as a baby?
Brown Bear:No.
Tan Bear:Nothing can be worse than the rising silver price to The Ben Bernank.
Brown Bear:Why?
Tan Bear:The higher the silver goes, the more worthless the paper fiat money is, that The Ben Bernank prints for free.
Brown Bear:The Ben Bernank prints money for free?
Tan Bear:Yes.  The Federal Reserve Act was signed on Christmas Eve while everyone was waiting for Santa Claus.
Brown Bear:Who cares?  It's still part of the Federal government.
Tan Bear:The "Federal" in Federal Reserve is no more federal than the shipping company Federal Express.
Brown Bear:What's this have to do with silver?
Tan Bear:The Ben Bernank's enemy is a rising silver price.  It makes his worthless pieces of paper called legal tender Federal Reserve notes less valuable.
Brown Bear:When can I make money, I'm getting bored here.
Tan Bear:Hold on sheep I am getting there.  When the Ben Bernank Fed needs to keep the price of silver down he calls his marriage partner J Dimon at the JP Morgue and gives him some paper.  The JP Morgue then uses this paper to short the silver market when The Ben Bernank gets paranoid.
Brown Bear:This seems like Disneyland.
Tan Bear:Hold on sheep the punchlines are coming.
Brown Bear:Good I bored.
Tan Bear:The 5000 year historical gold to silver ratio is 16:1.  Gold is now at $1400 an ounce.  What should silver be trading at?
Brown Bear:Let me think...Somewhere around $80 methinks?
Tan Bear:Silver is trading at $25 right now.
Brown Bear:I am interested now.
Tan Bear:Now listen to me closely here is the punchline.  The JP Morgue is short over 40% of the net contracts.  But they aren't short the actual physical silver bars and coins.  They are short the paper contracts.  If they had to buy and cover their naked short contracts in the open market it would take 3 months in a normal flat-priced market to do so.
Brown Bear:So what happens when people find out they have been The Ben Bernank's proxy, and start buying silver to revert back to the 16:1 ratio?
Tan Bear:Well, you can't run with your pants around your ankles right?
Brown Bear:No?  Is this a big deal?
Tan Bear:This is the biggest deal since the November General Motors IPO
Brown Bear:[punctuated obnoxious flatulence noise BRRRAAAAPPP!] I am not bored any more.
Tan Bear:I haven't even told you anything yet.  They hold the physical silver bars in London and have been leasing them out.
Brown Bear:Can I lease them?
Tan Bear:No you are a sheep.  The open interest activity as of the fall of 2010 has been indicating there is no silver at the COMEX and it is getting very low because the smart money is withdrawing the silver at an alarming rate. [loud alarming buzzer noise BUZZZZZ!]
Brown Bear:I'm connecting the dots now.
Tan Bear:Here is the insider info.  There is a group of traders in London who are going to start to accumulate and buy silver contracts.
Brown Bear:Won't The Ben Bernank just give more fake money to The JP Morgue to short?
Tan Bear:They can't, the JP Morgue is under investigation by the CFTC and has been sued by class action lawsuits for silver manipulation.
Brown Bear:I'm not bored anymore.
Tan Bear:The JP Morgue recently called his friends at the CME because silver prices were skyrocketing to $29 which was 30 year highs.
Brown Bear:What did he JP Morgue tell them?
Tan Bear:They told them to raise the margin requirements by 30 percent.
Brown Bear:I feel like I'm in Disneyland.
Tan Bear:This stopped the price of silver immediately and retracted 10 percent in two hours.
Brown Bear:How serious is this problem?
Tan Bear:Well let me explain what will happen.  COMEX default generates a short squeeze, then physical silver spot prices jumps dramatically.  Pick any multiple.  Major banks, hedge funds who have naked short positions will be killed.  Losses will be in the tens of billions, and possibly trillions.  Ability to purchase physical silver will be extremely difficult if not impossible.  Banks or countries may be forced to start hording physical silver.
Brown Bear:The sh*t will hit the fan?
Tan Bear:This will make the 2008 financial crisis look like a cakewalk.
Brown Bear:Am I dreaming?
Tan Bear:No.
Brown Bear:So let me get this straight...The JP Morgue is actually short more paper contracts than actual silver rounds is in existence?
Tan Bear:Yes.
Brown Bear:The Asians are figuring this out?
Tan Bear:Yes.
Brown Bear:Once they start buying the JP Morgue will have to start buying back?
Tan Bear:Yes.
Brown Bear:Once the JP Morgue starts buying back, and pushing the price higher people will run on the COMEX and demand their physical silver?
Tan Bear:Yes.
Brown Bear:When they run on the COMEX and figure out there is not any physical silver their sh*t will hit the fan?
Tan Bear:Yes, diarrhea. [obnoxious flatulence noise BRRRAAAAPPPPP!]
Brown Bear:So when the sheeps' feces is smeared on their faces this will be bad?
Tan Bear:Extremely.
Brown Bear:Can this bankrupt all currencies in a matter of months?
Tan Bear:Days.
Brown Bear:What is the probability of this actually happening?
Tan Bear:It's already happening; the tipping point is near.  Do you want to bankrupt the JP Morgue?
Brown Bear:Yes.
Tan Bear:Start buying silver coins and bars.
Brown Bear:Can I buy the SLV exchange traded fund on the New York Stock Exchange?
Tan Bear:No.  Guess who the custodian is for that ETF?
Brown Bear:Your mother?
Tan Bear:The JP Morgue.
Brown Bear:You have to be kidding me?
Tan Bear:Buy as much physical silver as you can.
Brown Bear:I feel like the JP Morgue is balls deep in this one.
Tan Bear:That's what she said.
Brown Bear:On a scale of 1 to 10 how does this rank in terms of biggest financial fraud cases?
Tan Bear:This is the biggest scam in the history of monetary civilization.  Is this enough insider info for you?
Brown Bear:I'm about to have a spastic colon.
Tan Bear:Start by looking at
Brown Bear:What?
Tan Bear:You can buy quality silver at
Brown Bear:I love you.  Is this video about to go viral on the Internet?
Tan Bear:Yes, but that's not the good news.  If silver reverts back to its historical ratio--and it will--and the JP Morgue squeezed silver is projected to hit $500 an ounce.
Brown Bear:[obnoxious spastic colon noise BRRRAAAAAPPPPPP!] I think I just sh*t my pants!
Tan Bear:Go buy a silver coin and bankrupt the JP Morgue.  The campaign has already begun.  Get it while its cheap.
Brown Bear:[obnoxious spastic colon noise BRRAAAAPPPPPP!]  I think I just sh*t my pants again.  $500 an ounce?  What was the website again?
Brown Bear:[obnoxious spastic colon noise BRRAAAPPPP!][cash register noise KA-CHING!][Brown Bear puts left paw over behind to check himself (for diarrhea?)]

Monday, December 6, 2010

Blacklight Power, Inc. Survives Over a Decade of Skepticism

Dr. Randal Mills founder of alternative energy company BlackLight Power, Inc. has largely been ridiculed or at least met with huge skepticism by most of the mainstream scientific community for his theory of atomic structure which allows for an energy state lower than the presently accepted "ground" state for the hydrogen atom (and in general allowing for fractional electron orbits not following known quantized energy states). [1, 2, 3]  Dr. Mills calls hydrogen atoms in this lower than ground state hydrinos.  When electrons in an atom transition from a higher energy level orbit to a lower one, energy is released (such as in the form of photons or heat).  According to Mills, a transition of hydrogen down to this compressed hydrino state produces energy output 200 times greater than the combustion of hydrogen. [4]  This level of energy output is not as intense as a nuclear fusion reaction (where the nucleus of two atoms are fused together to form a heavier element, releasing a vast amount of energy in the process, as is thought to occur within our sun whereby hydrogen nuclei fuse together to form helium atoms) but would be the holy grail of low energy physics in terms of power generation.

I think that the scientific community should start to take Dr. Randal Mills a bit more seriously, even if his hydrino theory seems to defy orthodox interpretations of quantum mechanics.  There has been compelling independently verified experimental evidence measuring the excess energy produced by BlackLight Power's chemical process where credible individual scientists or scientific institutions have been given Mills power cells to evaluate. [1]  Rowan University has done the bulk of the testing and validation of the BlackLight Power process, including re-creating the reactants from scratch themselves rather than just testing ready-made cells.  Rowen University in New Jersey is a reputable institution ranked number 23 by the U.S. News and World Report article Best Colleges 2011. [6]  The studies by Rowan University involve both calorimetry measurements (of heat output) with regards to the two kinds of thermal cells and measurement of the CIHT (Catalyst Induced Hydrino Transition) variety of electrochemical cells which produce electricity directly.  Both measuring methods have been shown to produce excess energy output that can not be explained satisfactorily by known chemical reactions or scientific theory.

Many scientists who disagree or are ambivalent with regards to Dr. Mills' hydrino theory do praise his experimental design and methods and at least concede that even if the Mills hydrino theory is flawed or wrong altogether that there is "something going on" with regards to the excess energy production within the BlackLight Power cell which can not be explained by conventional means. [1]  The most recent November 29, 2010 press release from BlackLight Power, Inc. details additional independent validation of the BlackLight Power process by both Rowan University and the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA). [7]  In the press release Rowan University announces its independent verification of the BlackLight Power CIHT (Catalyst-Induced-Hydrino-Transition) process which is an electrochemical process that produces electricity directly.  Quoting the Rowan University scientist Dr. K.V. Ramanujachary who headed the CIHT study:

“The chemicals used in CIHT technology are similar to those used in thermal and chemical cells that were separately, thoroughly and diligently validated over the past three years by a team at Rowan University that included myself.  Since the measurements on CIHT are electrical versus calorimetric, there can be no dispute over the power and the energy balance.  With further optimization, there is no doubt that this technology will present an economically viable and environmentally benign alternate to meet Global energy needs.  If advanced to commercialization, it would be one of the most profound developments ever.” [7]

The CfA experiment was headed by Alexander Bykanov, PhD under contract with GEN3 Partners and uses a spectrometer to measure the light wavelengths (and thus energy transition levels) emitted by hydrogen which has undergone the BlackLight process. [8]  Quoting Dr. Mills:

“This is smoking-gun evidence of the existence of hydrinos.  The light signature observed is from pure hydrogen and exists at a much higher energy level than deemed possible for this element in any known form.” [7]

As a layman I do not have the in-depth scientific background to go toe-to-toe in an intellectual dispute with either the notable and well credentialed detractors (including theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku who hosts the popular Scifi Science television series) or proponents of Dr. Mills' hydrino theory.  However, through exercise of common sense, it seems obvious that if the experimental evidence is valid and credible (which it definitely appears to be), no matter how implausible the conclusion it points to might be, at least this requires that one should take a second, third and even fourth look at the idea/results as well as run additional experiments.  Even a layman such as myself knows enough to ask, if the Mills hydrino theory is flawed or incorrect, how can the anomalous energy output be explained then?  Does the existing theory of quantum mechanics need to be tweaked or revised somehow to take in to account the experimental observations?  What if Dr. Mills really is on to something and his hydrino theory is mostly sound, with only minor flaws?  Einstein's theory of relativity also had to withstand a fearsome vetting process before it was finally accepted almost universally in the scientific community.

From a practical standpoint, we can not afford to ignore alternative energy technologies which have the potential to not only be cleaner than conventional energy but also cheaper.  For example, BlackLight Power Inc. claims that their CIHT electrochemical cells are projected to cost $25/kW opposed to thousands of dollars per kW for conventional hydrogen fuel cells. [9]  The applications for power generated via either BlackLight Power thermal or electrochemical cells are stunning.  Banks of Blacklight Power CIHT cells could be used as a non-polluting (the chemical process produces no CO₂ or pollutants) base load power source for our electric grid, but also as the power source for automobiles or vehicles on a smaller scale.  The range of CIHT powered electric cars is estimated at 1500 miles/liter of water. [9]  BlackLight Power thermal cells could be used as the non-polluting power source of future airplanes or rockets.  A decentralized power grid would also be possible with each home being capable of producing its own electrical power or heat via BlackLight Power reactors. 

Although Blacklight Power, Inc. is a privately held company which has survived to its present stage through venture capital infusions totaling roughly 60 million, and we can not trade it publicly (yet), it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds at least.  There were plans in the works over 10 years ago to take the company public by the year 2001 by Morgan Stanley through a $1 billion IPO but these plans apparently were put on hold.  If this company ever does go public, it will be a major event/investment opportunity so keep your eyes peeled.

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This paper is a decisive report on the evidence of the formation of hydrogen in lower-energy states than previously thought possible. The evidence includes a large scope of analytical analysis on chemical and gas products including liquid NMR on both that is definitive. Power measurements were made on the systems using a solid hydrogen fuel that formed the products for analysis to a scale of 50KW. The results indicate that H could provide commercial power with an energy yield of 200 times that of combustion without creating pollution.

[5] Financial Times endorsing the hydrino? Lawrence P. Ebert,

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GEN3 Partners and Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) Scientists have confirmed the light signature of hydrino formation, high-energy radiation emitted as the electron of the hydrogen atom undergoes a transition below what was previously considered the lowest energy state.  Click here for layman PowerPoint presentation. - 11/29/10
[9] BlackLight Power, Inc. - Executive Summary

Monday, November 29, 2010

News of Russia and China Dumping Dollar in Favor of Own Currencies Ignored

I just wanted to write a quick blurb to put the issue of China and Russia trading in their own currencies back on the radar (a news story which broke on November 24, 2010 the day before Thanksgiving). This story has been drowned out by the North Korea versus South Korea conflict and Irish debt crisis, which have dominated the mainstream financial news. There definitely is a trend developing where the US dollar is being dumped in favor of other means of exchange, such as Brazil and China slowly eliminating the US dollar in favor of the Real and Yuan (announced back in June 2009). [1]  As Marek Kuchta of Gold in Mind points out in his recent article China and Russia Dump Dollar in Mutual Trade - No Big Deal in the Short Run, it is news in itself that Russia and China dumping the dollar in favor of their own currencies for bilateral trade did not get more attention in the western mainstream media:
"At the time of this writing [November 25, 2010], it has been about 8 hours since the announcement which was extensively covered in the Chinese and the Russian media as well as the financial blogosphere. The author of this article has even managed to make a YouTube video about it. Yet, there is no mention of it on any of the top financial media outlets, despite this being probably among the top 3 news for the dollar this year in terms of importance. All you hear about are the great Thanksgiving sales numbers, the "soaring stock market" and the PIIGS. All is good in America." [2]

The YouTube video mentioned in the above quote has been embedded here for your convenience:

The implication of the US dollar falling away as the world's reserve currency is pretty grim.  Since the dollar is the primary currency used to trade such valuable commodities such as oil, this creates a certain level of demand (for dollars) and prevents the dollar from becoming completely worthless.  Quoting myself from the article EUR/USD is 7% Backed by Gold What Backs the US Dollar?:
"The phenomenon by which oil dollars are repatriated to the US in the form of investment (often US Treasury Bills) or purchase of goods and services is called petrodollar recycling, which does lend intrinsic value to the dollar."
"2. If OPEC as a whole, or more and more countries start to trade oil or other commodities in other currencies other than the US dollar, the dollar will sell off." [3]

This of course means we in the US will be able to buy and afford less as the demand for dollars wanes.

1. Brazil-China bilateral trade in Real and Yuan instead of US dollar MercoPress
2. China and Russia Dump Dollar in Mutual Trade - No Big Deal in the Short Run Marek Kuchta, SeekingAlpha
3. EUR/USD is 7% Backed by Gold What Backs the US Dollar? bearishtrader, Bearishtrader's Trading Blog

Sunday, November 14, 2010

JP Morgan on the Ropes?

Recently there have been lawsuits filed concerning illegal silver manipulation by JP Morgan and HSBC, which do seem to have quite a bit of merit. [1]  CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton bravely admits that silver manipulation exists and transgressions should indeed be prosecuted as per his quoted statement:

"There have been fraudulent efforts to persuade and deviously control that price. Any such violation of the law in this regard should be prosecuted." [2]

There is also a grassroots movement recently started by Max Keiser, former Wall Street broker, now media presenter encouraging everyone to buy an ounce of silver to bankrupt JP Morgan, which is suspected to have a large short position on the precious metal in the form of paper derivatives. [3,4]  Jason Hommel of the Silver Stock Report estimates the short position to be 25%-50% of the $200 billion total bank short position based on the price of silver when it was $15/ounce. [5]  JP Morgan is the steward of the popular silver bullion ETF SLV.  Considering the bank's high ethical standards, the soundness of the ETF is in question and there is high default risk in terms of the bank not being able to provide delivery of all physical silver to investors as required, which amounts to an equivalent additional short position. [6]  Other downside risks are that JP Morgan is also embroiled in the foreclosuregate scandal (fraudulent affidavits presented in court for foreclosures based on robosigning and the inability by banks to present the actual investment note/holder for properties during foreclosure proceedings) along with the other major banks and has by far the largest credit derivatives exposure of them all. [7]  Obviously all of these factors combined are a ticking timebomb ready to explode and present a compelling short opportunity against JPM.

[1] J.P. Morgan, HSBC sued for silver manipulation David Benoit, MarketWatch
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[3] Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver! Max Keiser
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[6] Silver bullion-ETF close to DEFAULT?
[7] Janet Tavakoli Interview on ETF Digest on Bank Foreclosure Fraud

Janet Tavakoli on Bank Foreclosure Fraud from David Fry on Vimeo.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Lindsey Williams reveals globalist elite identity who warned us oil will hit $150-$200 per barrel within 6-8 months

Alex Jones interviewed Pastor Lindsey Williams (chaplain to the Alaska pipeline project) today and revealed one of the sources of information (one of the Mr. X's) warning the public of the globalist elites' plan to cause oil to shoot up to $150 - $200 a barrel per the previous interview from October, 2010.  Ken Fromm is the name of the former high ranking executive from Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) who is terminally ill with cancer and is on his deathbed. This brave man has given Pastor Williams information in the past for his book "The Energy Non-Crisis". Here is a quote from the World Affairs Brief article by Joel Skousen dated May 18, 2008 which reveals the previous information concerning a major oil find at Gull Island which was suppressed thus artificially keeping oil prices high:
"A few days later, the chief operating officer of Atlantic Richfield for Alaska, Ken Fromm, who had invited Williams to the meeting, called him and told him he must never mention this new discovery--that the US government had classified it and was ordering it capped. It is still being held off the market and is not part of the environmental lock-down of oil in the Arctic National Wilderness. Williams was given a British Petroleum memoranda [probably by Fromm] which related the statements of upper echelon oil officials from Arco which said that Gull Island would be kept under wraps, limiting domestic supplies so Americans would someday see prices hit up to $10 a gallon at the pump."
Read full article here

Please do your own due diligence traders, the release of Ken Fromm's name should facilitate this.  Personally I think the scenario for $150 - $200 per barrel oil within 8 months is likely given the Federal Reserve's QE2 (and likely QE3, QE4, QE5...) and evidence of commodity inflation already in agricultural products and the huge move up in precious metals.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The End of Liberty

A real life horror show is unfolding before our eyes.  I have embedded the "End of Liberty" film just released today by National Inflation Association for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

Please visit the NIA site for other great films such as "Meltup".

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Silver bulls caution warranted ahead of Fed QE2 announcement

Until the Fed has announced its QE2 program scope next week (there is an interest rate meeting Wednesday November 3, 2010) precious metals are likely to keep consolidating.  Will the asset purchases be on the order of a few hundreds of billions of dollars or a few trillion?  What will be the asset mix?  Most importantly, how will traders react?  For example, Bill Gross of PIMCO (who may very well have an inside scoop on the Fed's activities) feels that bonds will sell off rather than be bolstered (the more intuitive reaction). [1, 2]  In any case, there might be some sort of unanticipated surprise or disappointment (at least for those of us who are not psychic or Bill Gross).

Weekly Chart:  Best guess we are in minor 4, of intermediate 5, of primary 3

4 Hour Chart: Zooming in, possible zigzag developing as a fractal within minor 4
1. Bill Gross Telegraphs QE2 Green Light: Buys MBS On Margin Tyler Durden ZeroHedge

2. Bill Gross: QE2 Signals End of Bond Rally, Shanthi Venkataraman

Monday, October 25, 2010

Updated scenario for silver, looking for long (again)

I am stalking silver for (another) long.  I am convinced silver will ramp again due to the precarious condition of our economy and dollar, the question is timing and low risk entry (in my view).

Here are my updated Elliott Wave counts.  Note that this is just my best guess.  I have studied other peoples' charts and they have slightly different counts or ideas.
Weekly Chart

4 hour Chart (zoomed in view)

Going to close silver for now for +.22

We are close to a half hour short signal so closing silver.  Still looking for pullbacks

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We got 4 hour long signal on silver 23.48

12:45 PM Tokyo time or 4:45 AM London time as of this sentence, we did get a 4 hour long signal on silver several bars ago (see green dotted verticle line in chart). Spot quote as of this sentence is 23.48. My charts are grabs from about 2-3 hours ago have been waiting for further strength.
30 min chart showing 4 hour long signal
 4 hour chart showing 4 hour long signal

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Strap on your tinfoil hats, I have ultimate conspiracy trade for you

Per Pastor Lindsey Williams on the Alex Jones show today, the ruling class which runs our planet are plotting to spike oil to "$150/$200 per barrel in the next six to eight months" and he also mentioned that one should expect that gold and silver will be the only currencies that can hold their value (e.g. they will spike big too).  The pastor's anonymous source is a dying "globalist elite" (as the oligarchical ruling class, who have a vision for a one world dictatorial government and one world currency, is referred to by the truth movement) who is terminally ill with cancer and is the former CEO of one of the major oil companies, but has decided to spill the beans on the nefarious plan.  If the information is accurate and there is a concerted plot to collapse the economy of the United States by 2012 by flushing the dollar down the toilet, it has obvious but grim trading implications.

Please visit the site for the full article by Kurt Nimmo which elaborates more eloquently on the predictions.

Traders as this has the possibility to be misinformation, please exercise your critical thinking skills and do your own technical and fundamental analysis.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going to bed, setting stop on silver to BE

Silver moved up nicely tonight but I am sleepy so will just keep a stop to allow me to get $.05 in case I am stopped out overnight. Click here for entry signal.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Got half hour long signal on silver 23.54

Bad timing for US traders though since it is first hour almost noon of Hong Kong trading.  Here is half hour signal, the 30 minute cycle has been entered (dark gray).  Target is open to see if it can break the downtrend which started yesterday.  Silver needs to get inside the 4 hour cycle to keep moving up.  If not or if the half hour cycle signals short we get out.  My quote for spot is 23.54

Silver finally got bigger PB looking for BUY spot

I think this latest sell-off in silver (or gold) is just temporary. Looking for good buy spot, but since this is the first time since late August 2010 where we have a series of LH and LL (two lower highs and lower lows in sequence on the 4 hour chart) we need to be careful as it defines a mini-downtrend on the 4 hour timeframe.

Here is my Elliott Wave count on weekly chart for potential roadmap for pullback:
4 hour chart show LH LL series (2 in row):

Monday, October 18, 2010

Alternate theory on flash crash, caused by currency wars

It is widely suspected that the flash crash event is the result of HFT (high frequency trading) gone wild. The SEC scapegoats Waddell and Reed's singular algorithmic S&P500 e-mini trade for causing the entire thing but data gathered by Nanex seems to refute this.

However, Webster Tarpley, investigative journalist and historian, presents an alternate theory.  Back in late 2009/early 2010 when Greek sovereign debt issues were the front page news (albeit really old news which was recycled and hyped up) the Euro started taking a significant dive.  Mr. Tarpley thinks that the collapsing Euro was the result of a concerted Anglo-American speculative attack in order to bolster the dollar, and that this attack on the Euro also resulted in an unintended "boomerang" effect upon the US stock indexes which crashed in May of 2010 (the "flash crash").

Quoting from Mr. Tarpley's work:
"The stage for this current crisis was set last May when the Anglo-American attack on the euro, designed to provoke a panic crash of that currency, broke down — partly due to German self-defense, partly because of Chinese intervention, and partly because a high-frequency attack on the euro boomeranged against the Dow in the infamous “flash crash” of May 6. Since then, the euro has been steadily gaining ground, while the US dollar has lost about 13% of its value since mid-June. The forces of depression, represented by $1.5 quadrillion of kited, toxic, and bankrupt derivatives centered on New York, have been re-asserting themselves against the battered US greenback.

If smashing the euro was one prong of the Anglo-American game plan, then driving the Chinese renminbi up into the stratosphere was the other prong of an ongoing attempt by London and New York to export a world depression by beggaring their leading rivals in Frankfurt and Beijing. The attack on China had been speaheaded by the feckless Tiny Tim Geithner, so it is not surprising that the Chinese have largely ignored US demands, limiting the rise of the renminbi to just a couple of percentage points since the last bilateral confrontation in June."

Full article here

Mr. Tarpley also extrapolates this point in an interview with RT News on the ongoing currency wars of competitive devaluation:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is there a levered derivative I can use to short Al Gore?

I think Al Gore and the IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) will go down as the biggest fraudsters in history. Yes of course coal fired plants or the like should be required to burn cleanly in terms of capturing such harmful emissions such as sulfur dioxide (which causes hundreds of thousands of premature deaths in China per year), but the carbon tax is on CO2, a nutrient of plants and other living things which use photosynthesis to get their own energy.  CO2 has no scientific consensus, as Al Gore claims, to be the cause of global warming. In fact, there is a petition to the US government to reject the Kyoto global warming agreement which has the signatures of over 30,000 scientists, 9029 of whom are PhDs. The IPCC has been caught fudging data in their reports or presenting results from flawed mathematical models. If the case for CO2 being the root cause of global warming were so strong why do so many scientists disagree and why are outright lies or exaggeration used to make the case?

I would encourage you to watch the following excellent video interview with Lord Christopher Monckton, leader of the UK Independence Party and former science adviser (within the auspices of the Number 10 Policy Unit) to UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, where he debunks popular global warming myths, such as global warming causing polar bear extinction, and outlines the ulterior motives of those who are pushing forwards the global warming and carbon tax agenda:

To be fair, here is Al Gore being questioned in Congress concerning the cost of cap and trade to the American taxpayer and what Gore might have to gain from the global warming agenda or carbon trading:

Al Gore always refuses to debate Lord Monckton publicly on the issue of global warming, most likely because he would always lose this intellectual knife fight, being the duller blade.  He also refuses to debate the founder of the Weather Channel John Coleman who wants to sue Gore for fraud. See video below:

Also, please Al quit forcing yourself on those Masseurs, it is not only a crime but makes you look bad. [4]

Maybe Goldman Sachs can put together a special CDO for me where I get to take the short side while IPCC and Gore get to hold the bag on longs?
Further Reading:
1. Barbara Hollingsworth: Who's who on climate fraud  Barbara Hollingsworth Washington Examiner
2. Do Al Gore's investments grow with the global warming myth?  Christopher Lore, CFACT (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow)
3. Climategate: Who Benefits When the IPCC Lies?  Charlie Martin, PajamasMedia
4. A very inconvenient masseuse: How saint Al Gore, the sanctimonious eco-crusader, lost his halo (and his wife!) Zoe Brennan and Annette Witheridge, MailOnline