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Blacklight Power, Inc. Survives Over a Decade of Skepticism

Dr. Randal Mills founder of alternative energy company BlackLight Power, Inc. has largely been ridiculed or at least met with huge skepticism by most of the mainstream scientific community for his theory of atomic structure which allows for an energy state lower than the presently accepted "ground" state for the hydrogen atom (and in general allowing for fractional electron orbits not following known quantized energy states). [1, 2, 3]  Dr. Mills calls hydrogen atoms in this lower than ground state hydrinos.  When electrons in an atom transition from a higher energy level orbit to a lower one, energy is released (such as in the form of photons or heat).  According to Mills, a transition of hydrogen down to this compressed hydrino state produces energy output 200 times greater than the combustion of hydrogen. [4]  This level of energy output is not as intense as a nuclear fusion reaction (where the nucleus of two atoms are fused together to form a heavier element, releasing a vast amount of energy in the process, as is thought to occur within our sun whereby hydrogen nuclei fuse together to form helium atoms) but would be the holy grail of low energy physics in terms of power generation.

I think that the scientific community should start to take Dr. Randal Mills a bit more seriously, even if his hydrino theory seems to defy orthodox interpretations of quantum mechanics.  There has been compelling independently verified experimental evidence measuring the excess energy produced by BlackLight Power's chemical process where credible individual scientists or scientific institutions have been given Mills power cells to evaluate. [1]  Rowan University has done the bulk of the testing and validation of the BlackLight Power process, including re-creating the reactants from scratch themselves rather than just testing ready-made cells.  Rowen University in New Jersey is a reputable institution ranked number 23 by the U.S. News and World Report article Best Colleges 2011. [6]  The studies by Rowan University involve both calorimetry measurements (of heat output) with regards to the two kinds of thermal cells and measurement of the CIHT (Catalyst Induced Hydrino Transition) variety of electrochemical cells which produce electricity directly.  Both measuring methods have been shown to produce excess energy output that can not be explained satisfactorily by known chemical reactions or scientific theory.

Many scientists who disagree or are ambivalent with regards to Dr. Mills' hydrino theory do praise his experimental design and methods and at least concede that even if the Mills hydrino theory is flawed or wrong altogether that there is "something going on" with regards to the excess energy production within the BlackLight Power cell which can not be explained by conventional means. [1]  The most recent November 29, 2010 press release from BlackLight Power, Inc. details additional independent validation of the BlackLight Power process by both Rowan University and the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA). [7]  In the press release Rowan University announces its independent verification of the BlackLight Power CIHT (Catalyst-Induced-Hydrino-Transition) process which is an electrochemical process that produces electricity directly.  Quoting the Rowan University scientist Dr. K.V. Ramanujachary who headed the CIHT study:

“The chemicals used in CIHT technology are similar to those used in thermal and chemical cells that were separately, thoroughly and diligently validated over the past three years by a team at Rowan University that included myself.  Since the measurements on CIHT are electrical versus calorimetric, there can be no dispute over the power and the energy balance.  With further optimization, there is no doubt that this technology will present an economically viable and environmentally benign alternate to meet Global energy needs.  If advanced to commercialization, it would be one of the most profound developments ever.” [7]

The CfA experiment was headed by Alexander Bykanov, PhD under contract with GEN3 Partners and uses a spectrometer to measure the light wavelengths (and thus energy transition levels) emitted by hydrogen which has undergone the BlackLight process. [8]  Quoting Dr. Mills:

“This is smoking-gun evidence of the existence of hydrinos.  The light signature observed is from pure hydrogen and exists at a much higher energy level than deemed possible for this element in any known form.” [7]

As a layman I do not have the in-depth scientific background to go toe-to-toe in an intellectual dispute with either the notable and well credentialed detractors (including theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku who hosts the popular Scifi Science television series) or proponents of Dr. Mills' hydrino theory.  However, through exercise of common sense, it seems obvious that if the experimental evidence is valid and credible (which it definitely appears to be), no matter how implausible the conclusion it points to might be, at least this requires that one should take a second, third and even fourth look at the idea/results as well as run additional experiments.  Even a layman such as myself knows enough to ask, if the Mills hydrino theory is flawed or incorrect, how can the anomalous energy output be explained then?  Does the existing theory of quantum mechanics need to be tweaked or revised somehow to take in to account the experimental observations?  What if Dr. Mills really is on to something and his hydrino theory is mostly sound, with only minor flaws?  Einstein's theory of relativity also had to withstand a fearsome vetting process before it was finally accepted almost universally in the scientific community.

From a practical standpoint, we can not afford to ignore alternative energy technologies which have the potential to not only be cleaner than conventional energy but also cheaper.  For example, BlackLight Power Inc. claims that their CIHT electrochemical cells are projected to cost $25/kW opposed to thousands of dollars per kW for conventional hydrogen fuel cells. [9]  The applications for power generated via either BlackLight Power thermal or electrochemical cells are stunning.  Banks of Blacklight Power CIHT cells could be used as a non-polluting (the chemical process produces no CO₂ or pollutants) base load power source for our electric grid, but also as the power source for automobiles or vehicles on a smaller scale.  The range of CIHT powered electric cars is estimated at 1500 miles/liter of water. [9]  BlackLight Power thermal cells could be used as the non-polluting power source of future airplanes or rockets.  A decentralized power grid would also be possible with each home being capable of producing its own electrical power or heat via BlackLight Power reactors. 

Although Blacklight Power, Inc. is a privately held company which has survived to its present stage through venture capital infusions totaling roughly 60 million, and we can not trade it publicly (yet), it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds at least.  There were plans in the works over 10 years ago to take the company public by the year 2001 by Morgan Stanley through a $1 billion IPO but these plans apparently were put on hold.  If this company ever does go public, it will be a major event/investment opportunity so keep your eyes peeled.

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  1. Excellent post. Reproduction of a CIHT at other laboratories will help. A demonstration device has been promised for next year, but until it appears, understandable skepticism will continue.

    To see why such technologies are urgently needed, read Electric Surprises on the Aesop Institute website.

    Running on Water and Moving Beyond Oil on the same site may also be of interest.

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  3. Anonymous investor, how is it possible you have shares? There has been no IPO yet...

  4. Jason,
    I purchased shares from the company under private placements. This is how non-public companies raise money. Blacklight Power has raised about $70 million under these private placements.
    I am happy to revael my identity, but not to the world at large.

  5. If you can not find a direct investor for your shares, you might try they specialize in illiquid markets.

  6. Well balanced post! I sure hope Mills and company come through!

  7. With the price of oil starting to go ballistic and a failing economy we could really use this kind of clean/cheap energy tech.

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