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The Holy Bible (King James Bible, Authorized Version 1611)

The King James Bible is the world's best selling book. In modern times we take for granted easy access to read the Bible, if we should so choose. It was not always so easy with much blood of God's saints having being shed for us to have this treasure at our fingertips. See Chris Pinto's masterpiece A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History for the details.  Modern computer technology has allowed the Bible to be researched in ways which in the past would not have been feasible due to time constraints.  Download advanced Bible study/search software for FREE here:
1. Click here to learn why the King James is the best/anointed English Bible
2. Click here to learn about the King James Code, God's watermark on this particular Bible (KJPBS above can be used to study the King James Code)
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