Live Streaming Radiation Meters

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Radiation Comparison Scale to Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Disaster
Note: Multiply mSv/hr (milli-Sieverts/hour) by 1000 to get μSv/h

Radiation Dosage Charts SciAm

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Santa Monica (West LA), California

EnviroReport Ustream channel
Inspector CPM (Counts per minute)
Multiply CPM by .0025 to get μSv/h. Per site owner, 40-46 CPM is normal. Twice this is of concern.
San Francisco, CA (Bay Area) botsmaker Ustream channel Click here owner's site. Divide right hand axis by 100 to get the μSv/h. This is based on 1 Sv = 100 rem and 1 Roentgen (owner's scale) = 1 Rad = 1 rem. Redlands, California

geigercounter Ustream channel
CD V-700 in CPM (counts per minute) and mR/hr (milli-Rads per hour)
Multiply mR/hr by 10 to get μSv/h (micro-Sieverts per hour)
Las Vegas, NV

Pilgrim4life Ustream channel
Multiple owner scale mR/h (milli-Rads/hour) by 10 to get μSv/h
This is based on 1 Sv = 100 rem and 1 Roentgen (owner's scale) = 1 Rad = 1 rem.
Driggs, Idaho

CerebralProgrammer Ustream channel
Ludlum Model 177 ratemeter with a victoreen 490-31 detector scale CPM
Please leave comment if you know how to convert this CPM to μSv/h.
Gothenburg, Sweden

Lejontass Ustream channel
RADEX RD1503 μSv / h
Per owner 0.1 to 0.3 μSv / h is normal level.

Rome, Italy

lollos71 Ustream channel
Nuova Elettronica LX.1407 mR/h
Multiply by 10 to get μSv/h
.001 mR/h-.030 mR/h is normal
Bologna, Italy

*** ***: Global map with collection of independent as well as government site data from around the world. is featured in CNET.

Japan normal levels and official government data by prefecture: List of nationwide activity concentration

Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

s_eigo Ustream channel
BESEN BS2010 μSv/h
Kuki, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

asaoka55 Ustream channel
DP802i μSv/h

Saitama (Iwatsuki-ku), Saitama Prefecture, Japan

komipati Ustream channel
DP802i μSv/h

Sakura Ward of Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan Masahiko_Osada Ustream channel ALOKA MODEL TCS-171 μSv/h

Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

tucano1200 Ustream channel
Read scale: μSv/h
Normal: 0.03 ~ 0.06 μSv/h
Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

dokizono Ustream channel
JB4020 μSv/h

Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

aoc123 Ustream channel
SW83A μSv/h

Hanno, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

CitizenofHanno Ustream channel
TEPPA ??? μSv/hr

Koshigaya Laketown,
Saitama Prefecture, Japan

GM-10 Near Laketown (10 min refresh)
Black Cat Systems GM-10
CPM (counts per minute)
Divide CPM by 120 to get μSv/h
Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

utuno_jcp Ustream channel
DP802i μSv/h
Twitter: @utuno_jcp
Narita, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

BlueSkyChiba Ustream channel
RADEX μSv/hr
Location: Second floor porch

Chiba (Chuo-ku), Chiba Prefecture, Japan

execute05726 Ustream channel
Left: DoseRAE 2 μSv/h
Right: SW83A μSv/h
Pacement: North-facing glass windows of the room, 3rd floor apartment in a reinforced room
NW Chiba Prefecture, 2F (200km S of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, 10 km NE of Tokyo) houtentg Ustream channel RADEX RD1503 μSv/h
Per owner .16 μSv/h is normal background radiation.

Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Syun_Kashiwa Ustream channel
Roof placement: Photo
Twitter: @Syun_Kashiwa

Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan Ustream channel takenoma
Digilart100 μSv/hr
Click here for Google Maps link to owner location.
Chiba (Inage-ku), Chiba Prefecture, Japan

asosatoshi Ustream channel
RADEX RD1503 μSv/h

NE Tokyo Bay, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Nirois Ustream channel
BESEN BS2010 μSv/h
Twitter: @netwatchable
Ichinomiya (Kujyukuri-Hama), Chiba Prefecture, Japan

radioleaks-one Ustream channel
Radex 1706 μSv/h

Osaka (Hirano Ward), Japan

chuoh-ku_osaka Ustream channel
Osaka (Kita Ward), Japan

hippopodaio Ustream channel
JB4020 μSv/hr
Osaka (Kita-ku), Japan

Market77 Ustream channel
RADEX μSv/hr
Iitate Village, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

GM-fukushima Ustream
JB4020 μSv/hr
Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

radiation_poisoning Ustream channel
Left: BS2010 μSv/h
Right: DP802i μSv/h
Twitter: @radiation_pois
Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

masked_henkuma Ustream channel
Twitter: @masked_henkuma
Website: Dose Charts
Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

Marufuku-Koriyama Ustream channel

Indoors measurement by window in south room.  Outdoor measures .46 μSv/h typically.
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

com4jai Ustream channel
FJ3200 μSv/h
Twitter: @com4jai
Hagino Co., Sendai (Miyagino Ward), Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

hagino_co_jp Ustream channel
RADEX RD1503 μSv/h
Twitter: @h_hagino

Sendai (Wakabayashi Ward), Miyagi Prefecture

bb119 Ustream channel
Website: http://BB工事.com/

Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan Ueda_Nagano Ustream channel Left: Inspector CPM
Right: RADEX RD1706 μSv/h
Yokohama Port, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

DoubleOC Ustream channel
JB4020 μSv/hr

Kyoto (Shijo and Karasuma street), Japan

rakunatural Ustream channel
Inspector+ μSv/hr

Kurihara Photo Studio, Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

hyakuy Ustream channel
Aloka ??? CPM
Top meter in μSv/h seems often inaccurate (knowing this area is closer to Fukushima). Perhaps multiply the CPM by .003 to get μSv/h? If you know for sure post a comment please I do not have specs/model.
Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

alexysjp Ustream channel
RADEX RD1503+ μSV/h
Placement office of Northern Star Inc.

Moriya City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan kp61 Ustream channel
RADEX RD1503 μSv/h
Photo: RD1503 + iPhone3G
Twitter: @kp61dx

Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

msa-U00 Ustream channel

Toyama, Japan

yaharu2010 Ustream channel
RADEX ??? μSv/h
Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

injapan-kobe Ustream channel
InJapan Corp. warehouse
Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

wonder_tsak2 Ustream channel
YRX0806 μSv/hr

Radiation Levels in Tokyo, Japan:*** Are They Safe? ***

Tokyo (Komae), Japan Tokyo-Komae Ustream channel
RADEX RD1503 μSv/h
Placement is in wooden houses.

Tokyo (Setagaya), Japan hirokimori23 Ustream channel
RADEX RD1706 μSv/h
Normal:  0.02 ~ 0.08 μSv/h
Click here for owner @soundchamp23 radiation statistics.
Tokyo (Asakusa), Japan

Digalert 100 μSV/h
.05 μSV/h normal per owner @aoKaeru
Tokyo (Meguro) Japan

J-AC Ustream channel
Inspector+ μSv / hr

Tokyo (Minamiaoyama Minato), Japan

creature_kuriyama Ustream channel
Per owner 100 CPM = 0.93μSv/hr
Normal: 10-20 CPM
Click here for owner street view

Tokyo (Akiruno), Japan

co252525 Ustream Channel
Strawberry Linux USB Geiger Counter Kit CPM
Divide CPM by 120 to get μSv/hr
Per owner @Para_kun normal background radiation is 20 CPM
Tokyo (Roppongi, Minato), Japan

satoshiTAKA Ustream channel
DP802i μSv / hr
Right top → Local time
Right bottom → Accumulated radiation

Tokyo (Ota-ku), Japan

hiroshi_shinji Ustream channel
Strawberry Linux USB Geiger Counter (kit) in CPM (counts per minute). Divide CPM by 120 to get μSv/h. Owner belongs to the GEIGERMAP independent monitoring network. Here is the owner's 24 hour chart.
Asakusabashi, Tokyo (Taito-ku), Japan

yoshinarisan Ustream channel
Inspector Exp μSv/h
Per owner 334 CPM = 1μSv/h

Tokyo (Adachi Ward), Japan

masa_v5 Ustream channel
Twitter: @masa_v5
Tokyo (Shinjuku Ward), Japan

GMshinjuku Ustream channel
JB4020 μSv/h
Twitter: @GMShinjuku
Tama Area, Tokyo (Fuchu), Japan

geigerjp Ustream channel
Takasago Tokyo (Katsushika), Japan

sean893 Ustream channel
Left: FJ2000 (discontinued) +/- 20% err μSv / h
Right: BS2010 +/- 30% err μSv / h
Twitter: @sean893
Tokyo (Gotanda), Japan

nnwk Ustream channel
6025 Personal Dosimeter μSv/h

Cerulean Tower, Tokyo (Shibuya Ward), Japan

benrishi00 Ustream channel

Tokyo Port, Tokyo, Japan

DoubleOC Ustream channel
JB4020 μSv/h
Tokyo (Arakawa), Japan

Niny28 Ustream channel
DP802i μSv/h
Akihabara, Tokyo (Chiyoda Ward), Japan

isbsd Ustream channelDoseRAE 2 μSv/h
Tokyo (Nerima-ku), Japan

yuzunohu Ustream channel
SOEKS ??? μSv/h

*** ***: Excellent map of 300+ volunteer sites whose data with the ability to drill down. Readings are in μSv/h.

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