Tuesday, June 5, 2012

#Bilderberg2012 Memorable Arrests

Probably the most shocking arrest which occurred during the Occupy Bilderberg 2012 protest in Chantilly, Virgina is the arrest of U.S. Army veteran and Oregon native Garrett Cavett (g.cavett@yahoo.com) who was taken in to custody on Thursday May 31st, 2012 by the Fairfax County Police for nothing other than being in the middle of the road and almost getting hit by one of the Bilderberg attendee vehicles.

Per Garrett, he was not only injected with a mysterious substance which made him ill, gave him a metallic taste in his mouth and dry heaves (Mr. Cavett was told it was a tuberculosis test) but was also subjected to a pointless sexual molestation grope-down not just once but three times.  The initial arrest of Garrett and an older gentleman (who from the looks of his home-made T-shirt is a Ron Paul supporter) was captured by livestreamer Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange:

Garrett is the one chanting "The Whole World is Watching!" as he is being taken away.

The details of the arrest as described by Garrett Cavett in a follow-up interview are highly disturbing to say the least:

Interview by TheIntelHub

To add insult to injury Garrett was arrested again a second time on Saturday, June 2, 2012 as per Dan Dicks of Press For Truth TV:
Note that Dan Dicks says Garrett was arrested "yesterday" which means Friday June 1, 2012 since his video was recorded from Saturday June 2, 2012 but the IntelHub interview with Garrett has in its description May 31, 2012 as the arrest date which is what I went with.  Please let me know if I got it wrong and I will correct and notify the proper parties.

There has been no mainstream media coverage whatsoever of the Cavett arrest that I could find (so far).
Here is more interview footage of Garrett concerning his arrest from alternative media sources:
  1. UStream: occupypdxnews (Carrie Medina): Occupy Bilderberg: Arrested Vet Recounts Forced Vaccination,
  2. UStream: WeAreChange (Luke Rudkowski): Man was forced to have an injection by police
The following is the video record of another disturbing and memorable arrest of a 110 lb female American Free Press staffer by four much larger police officers:

Credit: TheIntelHub

So you stepped off the sidewalk two steps and were not fast enough to follow police orders to stay on the sidewalk?  Tough, off to jail you go!

Read the TheIntelHub story by Jason Bermas here.

How about this one?  Quoting The Guardian reporter Charlie Skelton (who has some of the best quality Bilderberg coverage):
"It was a silly arrest, really. He wasn't doing anything at all. He was eating goji berries, standing on the edge of the road. Jaysnacking." [1]
  Read about this arrest from The Guardian article Bilderberg 2012: real men don't like oligarchs.

I sure hope I did not leave anyone out.

Editor's Note: It has probably occurred to readers that there is a two-tiered justice system where the general public are fined or incarcerated for the most minor of infractions whereas the banking, political or other so-called "elites" are allowed to get off the hook for serious financial or war crimes.  For the sake of pithiness I will leave this topic for a future article.

[1] Bilderberg 2012: real men don't like oligarchs, Charlie Skelton, The Guardian