Friday, December 24, 2010

Flatulent Bears (Text Transcript) for Deaf Day Traders - Part Deux

I am going to scoop the YouTube CC (closed captioning) bot with my superior human transcription of "JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Explained - Part 2" for deaf day traders. The cartoon bears are back and explain backwardation, that there is no actual physical silver left on the market and that the fraudulent fractional reserve gold system at the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) which apparently is controlled by The Ben Bernank and other central bank heads might hit the fan.

The tan colored bear in the cartoon speaks with a North American mid-western accent and the clueless brown bear speaks with a British accent.  The tan bear knows a trader at The JP Morgue who has given him useful insider info. The brown bear's spastic colon has perhaps worsened since part 1.

The transcript of the above video is as follows:
Tan Bear:So we are back, after being on, and I have some insider info from a trader at the JP Morgue this time. I'm going to blow the whistle again on a few things. [high pitched policeman's whistle noise]
Brown Bear:I have already made a sh*t ton of money on the last video. So let's hear what shennanigans they are up to now.
Tan Bear:Fair enough sheep. Word has it that the LBMA is on fire.
Brown Bear:What is the LBMA, and why is it on fire?
Tan Bear:The LBMA is the London Bullion Market and this is where the fire is. We didn't even see the smoke, it went straight to fire.
Brown Bear:I'm getting bored again like last time, possibly because I've had so many immunizations. My ADHD is acting up.
Tan Bear:The LBMA is where the central bankers are skinning the sheeple. The silver at the LBMA is in backwardation right now and has been for an unprecedented time.
Brown Bear:What is backwardation? And why should I care?
Tan Bear:Backwardation occures when there is market manipulation, when there can be no delivery arbitrage, because the asset is not currently available for purchase.
Brown Bear:Has this happened before?
Tan Bear:Who cares?
Brown Bear:W-T-F? What do you mean who cares? What's the point to this video then?
Tan Bear:Here's the insider info. A trader at The JP Morgue has told me something noone wants to hear.
Brown Bear:Well...go on I'm listening now. My riddlin has kicked in. [cash register noise KA-CHING!]
Tan Bear:There is no commercial silver left. It's all smoke and mirrors. It's the biggest dog and pony show known to mankind and the CFTC can do nothing about it other than pray.
Brown Bear:Elaborate please. I don't speak sh*tstorm.
Tan Bear:Do you really want to see how deep the rabbithole goes?
Brown Bear:Yes. Give me the red pill.
Tan Bear:OK I'm going to move fast so listen closely. This smoke signal, which is now raging fire at the LBMA as backwardation...this means there is no physical metal. We are already certain, as per my JP Morgue insider, that--get this--that the COMEX is settling in fiat paper. Millions of ounces have been moving in and out of the COMEX with enormous adjustments. This has never happened before...ever.
Brown Bear:Houston, we have a problem.
Tan Bear:I haven't even told you the good stuff yet. My insider has informed me, that there are two people on the CFTC that are on the JP Morgue payroll. I'm not sure who they are, but if I were blind I could see it being The Gens, The Dunn or The J Somm.
Brown Bear:Why do we care about these people?
Tan Bear:What I am about to tell you is Wikileak material. The five CFTC commissioners are the last bastion of hope for the American people. If they choose not to mandate position limits on silver then The JP Morgue will win.
Brown Bear:I'm not sure that is Wikileak material, you donkey. But I see what you're getting at.
Tan Bear:I'm not done. There are two more problems that may help the sheeple get out of this alive. There is a big problem at the BIS.
Brown Bear:What's the BIS?
Tan Bear:The BIS is the Bank of International Settlements. Would you care to know who runs the show there?
Brown Bear:Let me guess? Your mother.
Tan Bear:The Ben Bernank.
Brown Bear:Oh boy, here we go again.
Tan Bear:Guess who else is on the board there?
Brown Bear:Blanky?
Tan Bear:All the central banks' chairmen from all over the world. Please don't sh*t your pants when I explain what they've been doing with the international gold and silver swaps.
Brown Bear:[obnoxious flatulence noise BRRAAAPPP! brown bear has likely soiled himself] Just [unintelligible]. Sorry mate.
Tan Bear:The BIS has been running a fractional gold system. This will make The JP Morgue's manipulation look like Disneyland.
Brown Bear:Well what are they doing over there.
Tan Bear:They are conning countries like India in to buying gold in to the site accounts.
Brown Bear:What is a site account?
Tan Bear:The site accounts at the BIS are the fraud accounts. They pretend to allocate gold to other major players that aren't in their little circle jerk. [whurr, whurr, whurr, whurrrrr descending notes on tuba]
Brown Bear:And just who is at the circle's jerk at the BIS?
Tan Bear:All the major fiat printers like The Ben Bernank. But most importantly, King Merv.
Brown Bear:Why is The King Merv so important?
Tan Bear:Because he is loosely in charge of the LBMA.
Brown Bear:You are making this sh*t up right? You have to be kidding me? Is this silver thing just a big web of fraud and lies?
Tan Bear:Remember that 200 tons of gold that was bought by India a while back?
Brown Bear:Let me guess. That went in to a comingled unallocated site account?
Tan Bear:Of course it was. A trader at The JP Morgue has told me that China and Russia are laughing their heads off right now. It's no coincidence these two countries are requesting the actual physical [unintelligible]. The are smart enough to move it to their shores. The trust has been broken.
Brown Bear:F-M-L
Tan Bear:The Chinese are moving the physical to their shores. Last week's increase in mortgage interest rates was a smoke signal.
Brown Bear:This is insane.
Tan Bear:Is it? You must be living with normalcy bias, aren't you.
Brown Bear:Jimmy Moore, Jimmy Moore. I love this end of the world stuff.
Tan Bear:Do you know what will happen when there is a run on the unallocated accounts at the BIS?
Brown Bear:Sh*tstorm [obnoxious spastic colon noise BRRAAAPPPP! brown bear must have brown underwear by now]
Tan Bear:I thought The JP Morgue was balls deep in this but it seems we have an elephant in the room now. You had better look up the term "normalcy bias" because it's about to be put to the test.
Brown Bear:What do we do?
Tan Bear:Get off your ass, go down to the coin store or online bullion dealer and order physical. Don't worry about the price. Price means nothing. And if you leave here today with anything, leave with this. Price is fiat forget about it. You'd better start watching the physical markets.
Brown Bear:[obnoxious flatulence noise BRRAPP!] Sorry mate. Your seriousness reminded me of $500 an ounce silver again. [obnoxious stacatto flatulence noise BRAP!] Oh boy.
Tan Bear:You'd better so something about this, America. You are the only ones left to save our souls. Instead of buy a flatscreen TV go buy a tube of maples or eagles. Save yourself. The Chinese are selling their worthless fiat for silver. Are you?
Brown Bear:Is this the last of The JP Morgue manipulation?
Tan Bear:No. It seems we just got word from The Butler that the Chinese are holding the short swaps on The JP Morgue's books. But we will explain that debacle in part 3.