Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is there a levered derivative I can use to short Al Gore?

I think Al Gore and the IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) will go down as the biggest fraudsters in history. Yes of course coal fired plants or the like should be required to burn cleanly in terms of capturing such harmful emissions such as sulfur dioxide (which causes hundreds of thousands of premature deaths in China per year), but the carbon tax is on CO2, a nutrient of plants and other living things which use photosynthesis to get their own energy.  CO2 has no scientific consensus, as Al Gore claims, to be the cause of global warming. In fact, there is a petition to the US government to reject the Kyoto global warming agreement which has the signatures of over 30,000 scientists, 9029 of whom are PhDs. The IPCC has been caught fudging data in their reports or presenting results from flawed mathematical models. If the case for CO2 being the root cause of global warming were so strong why do so many scientists disagree and why are outright lies or exaggeration used to make the case?

I would encourage you to watch the following excellent video interview with Lord Christopher Monckton, leader of the UK Independence Party and former science adviser (within the auspices of the Number 10 Policy Unit) to UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, where he debunks popular global warming myths, such as global warming causing polar bear extinction, and outlines the ulterior motives of those who are pushing forwards the global warming and carbon tax agenda:

To be fair, here is Al Gore being questioned in Congress concerning the cost of cap and trade to the American taxpayer and what Gore might have to gain from the global warming agenda or carbon trading:

Al Gore always refuses to debate Lord Monckton publicly on the issue of global warming, most likely because he would always lose this intellectual knife fight, being the duller blade.  He also refuses to debate the founder of the Weather Channel John Coleman who wants to sue Gore for fraud. See video below:

Also, please Al quit forcing yourself on those Masseurs, it is not only a crime but makes you look bad. [4]

Maybe Goldman Sachs can put together a special CDO for me where I get to take the short side while IPCC and Gore get to hold the bag on longs?
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