Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Is Debt Ceiling Crisis Being Used to Undermine our Checks and Balances via the "Super Congress"?

Many fear that the debt ceiling crisis may be used as an excuse to sneak in a Trojan horse of totalitarianism called the "Super Congress" or "Council of 13". Essentially, this is an unconstitutional governmental construct which circumvents our normal system of checks and balances. Six members taken from the Senate and House will decide on legislation with the President as the last (thirteenth) member holding veto power. Congress can vote Yay or Nay on legislation presented to them without the ability to make amendments or filibuster. If no decision is able to be reached on the legislation, budget cuts (decided on before-hands) automatically go in to effect. This seems sickeningly similar to the European Union's governance system by which an unelected body of 17 individuals known as "The European Commission" decides all legislation, with the EU Parliament relegated to only an advisory role. (See the "Britain on the Brink" documentary for more information on the European Union).

Here is a special report by Aaron Dykes of Infowars:

Apparently the Infowars team has been burning the midnight oil to get the word out on this issue because they feel it is a highly dangerous and important development.  See here and here and here for Alex Jones' late night rants on the Super Congress.

The Super Congress has been sold to the public as a way to fast track legislation as related to budget cuts to deal with the debt ceiling crisis. However, often evil comes disguised in good intentions and euphemisms. For example, the "Patriot Act" (in my view) actually ended up being a quite onerous monstrosity which stomps all over our Bill of Rights and Constitution.  Something which takes away our rights and is unconstitutional is not "patriotic".  We will have to monitor this development closely to see if the Super Congress is really a euphemism for "Super Dictatorship". If the Super Congress (Council of 13) really overreaches its powers to implement the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and crack down on Americans' second amendment (gun ownership) rights, as Aaron Dykes of Infowars suggests, that would be the ultimate confirmation that we have indeed entered total tyranny.

For further details on the Super Congress read here.