Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mr. Rossi Goes to Market, Dr. Miley and Others Hope to Follow

Source: e-CAT Site
Date: 11/3/2011

Italian inventor Andrea Rossi continues with commercialization of his e-Cat (energy catalyzer).  In addition to the 1MW plant he tested and reportedly sold to an unnamed customer, he also reports already having sold two or more additional units.  He reports that these were to customers in the USA and Europe.  While he states that the new customers are not requesting the same level of secrecy, a certain amount of discretion will still be exercised, adding that eventually the identity of his customers will inevitably become apparent.  Mr. Rossi reports having production facilities in Bedford, NH and Miami, FL, and plans for the next year are to sell from 30 to 100 1MW cold fusion plants, at a cost of 2 million Euros or 2.8 million U.S. Dollars.  This information can be found on Mr. Rossi’s blog, Journal of Nuclear Physics.

While the Associated Press was present at the October 28th test of Mr., Rossi’s 1 MW cold fusion plant, they have yet to run a story covering the event.  Whether they are exercising prudence or something less noble remains to be seen.  AP reporter Peter Svensson, who was present at the test, has tweeted several times on the subject in response to inquiries about the event.  On Monday, October 31, Mr. Svensson tweeted “Sorry, I can’t tell you anything at this point.”  Later that day he tweeted again, stating “Sorry, we don’t comment on coverage plans.”  These rather cryptic tweets were followed yesterday by “All I can say is “stay tuned.”   For whatever reason the AP continues to keep this story under wraps,  in the end it may be inconsequential.  Other news outlets have begun to report on the story, from Fox News, CNN,  Forbes and Discovery News, to popular publications in such places as Sweden, Russia and Italy.  Perhaps the most balanced story I have seen on the subject so far was posted on the site of a U.S. Daily newspaper  Falls Church News Press of Falls Church, Virginia, which is about  10 miles outside of Washington, D.C.  I would strongly urge all readers to take a look at this article.

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