Monday, July 1, 2013

Susanne Posel Receives Threatening Knock at Door by CPS, What Would You Do? Know Your Rights!

Source: Lorrie's Talk News Radio
by: Susanne Posel, Lorrie Berkebile

Video Description
This is an over 2 hour interview on 6/30/2013 on Lorrie's Talk News Radio with activist/columnist Susanne Posel.

Someone who claimed to be from DHS (Department of Homeland Security) knocked in a threatening manner on Susanne Posel's door. Susanne immediately called her lawyer and did NOT open the door. The knocking continued for another 10 minutes and the self-identified DHS agent left a CPS (Child Protective Services) calling card. The CPS got the local police involved to come back and knock on Susanne's door some more, demanding that she open the door because they had reason to believe her children were in danger. Susanne did NOT open the door since no proper warrant or authorization was provided. The agent(s)/local police finally left after knocking on Susanne's door for a very long time...

Know your rights. If you willingly comply with illegitimate orders (even stepping out of your home on to your porch as marine Brandon Raub did, who was illegally arrested and sent to a mental institution) you could be subjecting yourself to unnecessary arrest and/or search and seizure of your property, or worse yet children.

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