Friday, March 25, 2011

Jeff Macke is Back Interviews Jim Rogers Concerning Japan Disasters

Mr. Rogers is short term bullish the Yen (due to potential repatriations of capital back to Japan for reconstruction activities) and even bullish the US dollar which he expects to rise perhaps 20 percent. He is keeping a tight leash on his dollar long trade and will call it quits if it declines 3-4 percent from here. Eventually though, Rogers anticipates the demise of the dollar after it reaches some "tipping point". As usual, Mr. Rogers is bullish on commodities, being the most enthusiastic about agriculture but is waiting patiently as he likes to buy things at a discount. He emphasizes in the interview specifically that he is not long any energy (such as crude oil) and what sells off first may dictate what commodities he gets in to first. Rogers is also bullish on gold and silver but would prefer to buy silver opposed to gold because he sees it as being much further away from all time highs than gold which is near all time highs (e.g. at more of a discount).