Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama Birth Certificate .pdf Obvious Fake, Ulterior Motive?

The .pdf file uploaded at the White House site, was very blatantly saved in an Adobe Acrobat file mode where all birth certificate edits (image manipulation) are seen clearly if the file is opened in an editor (e.g. a check box was mistakenly left checked that should not have been).  Why was this obvious blunder made?  Was an insider trying to blow the whistle on Obama, or has he been set up to fail on purpose by his elitist handlers?  Following are some excellent original sources, which I found very enlightening.

Obama provided the ammunition to bring him down 
by Devvy April 28, 2011 (via

World Intel Says Obama 'Birth Certificate' A Rank Forgery
by Wayne Madsen (via

1776Reborn shows how the graphics elements from the .pdf file can be manipulated in Adobe Illustrator:

Karl Denninger, trader, IT services professional and fraud watchdog blows whistle on Obama fake .pdf upload:

My question is, why has Obama been set up to fail so blatantly?  Does someone want to spark a revolution?