Friday, April 15, 2011

Rossi and Focardi Energy Device - Commercial and Patent update

Source: Next Big Future

1. Rossi has indicated he has an agreement signed in the US with an unrevealed that will jointly manufacture a network of plants to sell the energy device.

2. Patent filing WO/2009/125444 - Method and Apparatus for carrying out nickel and hydrogen exothermal reactions

A method and apparatus for carrying out highly efficient exothermal reaction between nickel and hydrogen atoms in a tube, preferably, though not necessary, a metal tube filled by a nickel powder and heated to a high temperature, preferably, though not necessary, from 150 to 5000C are herein disclosed. In the inventive apparatus, hydrogen is injected into the metal tube containing a highly pressurized nickel powder having a pressure, preferably though not necessarily, from 2 to 20 bars.

Talk Polywell forum indicates the patent has undergone pre-exam and has been allocated to the Class/Subclass (Stoves and Furnaces / Chemical) for examination

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