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United States of Europe #N3

Source: Next News Network
Date: 5/30/2013
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European Parliament Vice President Gianni Pittella told a Brookings Institution forum May 3 that the European Central Bank should become more like the Federal Reserve System in the U.S.-- and serve as the euro zone's "lender of last resort."

But that was only one of several sweeping goals this Italian euro-crat professed in Washington.

Converting the ECB into a central bank along the lines of the Fed would require other large-scale changes, which Pittella characterized as strategic imperatives that no sane person could possibly oppose.

Two of the major ones are: 1) Creating a formal trans-Atlantic free-trade agreement between America and Europe; and 2) creating a single military for all of united Europe.
Pittella said this proposed super force would apparently replace the separate armies of EU nation states.

Since Brooking Institution representatives, like those from other major think tanks such as The Hoover Institution, The Carnegie Endowment, The Hudson Institute, and The American Enterprise Institute, participate at the annual, secretive Bilderberg Group world-planning meetings, the thrust of Pittella's vision—which seeks to alter and solidify the euro zone dramatically—could very well be among the topics at the 2013 Bilderberg gathering at The Grove Hotel near London in June.

Notably, Cheng Li, a senior research fellow at Brookings' Thornton China Center, attended the Swiss Bilderberg meeting in 2011.

And this May 3 Brookings presentation mirrored several official Bilderberg agenda items.
A related Bilderberg topic at that group's Spain meeting in 2010 was: "US and European Fiscal and Financial Challenges." In 2011 in Switzerland, a related topic was, "A Sustainable Euro: Implications for European Economies"; and last year in Virginia, Bilderberg topics also relevant to Brookings' current topics were: "The European Political Landscape," and "Sustainability of the Euro and its Consequences."

Perhaps the crowning agenda item in Pittella's presentation was to literally remake the EU into a true "United States of Europe." The proposed new U.S. of Europe would have a sole treasury official and a sole foreign minister, with the president "directly chosen by its citizens," Pittella claimed.

And Pittella let the quasi-captive citizens of the European Union nations know not to entertain any serious notions of nationalism, or self-rule. He used words like "xenophobe" and "demagogue" to describe those who would join or form nationalist political parties, or take part in other actions, to resist this calculated consolidation of separate nation states that he so stridently supports.

Pittella fumed that EU citizens cannot treat the union like a restaurant and order what they want and reject the rest. "The European Union is a common-destiny choice—and you're in it for better or worse," he stated, though he acknowledged that there are rumblings the United Kingdom may be inclined to leave the EU.

"The City of London bears significant weight in the UK's Gross Domestic Product," Pittella said, as if to warn any would-be "rebels" in the UK that this powerful world banking center, also known as "The Square Mile," would oppose UK attempts at departing from the EU.
Pitella added that the euro zone's fragility represents "a confidence crisis."

His fear is that the euro, as "a common currency," needs "a common government" like the proposed U.S. of Europe, lest the euro unravel and European nations revert back to self-rule.

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