Thursday, April 10, 2014

Major Announcement by Blacklight Power, Inc. #CIHT #hydrino #LENR

"BlackLight Power, Inc. Announces Sustained Production of Electricity Using Photovoltaic Conversion of the Millions of Watts of Brilliant Plasma Formed by the Reaction of Water to a More Stable Form of Hydrogen" is a rather major press release which impacts the clean energy technology space and quantum physics as well.  I first started blogging about Blacklight Power, Inc. in 2010.  The company has been working on their own proprietary fractional quantum state hydrino technology for decades now.  Stock exists but was only issued as privately held shares, so you might have to look at SecondMarket or find someone who has some shares to do get some of their stock.

Imagine lower energy states than the first energy level orbit of hydrogen, which is universally accepted (taught in all the physics classes or textbooks) to be the very lowest-possible energy level that the electron can drop to.  Randell Mills founder and CEO of BlackLight Power, Inc. claims to have discovered and proven his own unique theory of the atom by which hydrogen atoms can be coaxed to drop to an even lower fractional quantum state than is currently accepted to be possible.  The fractional quantum state hydrogen atoms are called hydrinos.  The result of regular hydrogen atoms becoming hydrinos is a release of super high frequency ultraviolet light (hence the company's name "BlackLight" Power, Inc.) with an energy density 200 times higher than known chemical reactions, e.g. the direct combustion of hydrogen and oxygen.  The energy density of hydrino energy is thus less than nuclear fission but greater than burning petrol.  Not bad huh?  You could go off the grid completely with a generator based off this technology!

The following site has the best explanation I have found yet on Randell Mills own unique theory and model of the atom (Millsian Model), which actually has some of the same math equations (or at least very similar) and calculated results as the Bohr Model or Quantum Mechanical Model (what we are taught in school) but with the advantage of being much more straightforwards (no more probabilities involved, just straight-forwards classical physics/math) and, as Randell Mills claims, produces more accurate theoretical predictions.  Einstein would be pleased.  See Comparing Randell Mills's Model of the atom with the Bohr Model for the details (and math).

Trust me I am no physicist, so I don't understand completely everything in the above article either (grin).

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