Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Central Bank economists always propagate lies about how the economy works so the masses never learn how they control the economy

Source: SmartKnowledgeU
Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 9:42am
by: J.S. Kim

I’m so sick of bogus articles like this one that constantly run in newspapers where you have Finance Ministers of countries or economists of Central Banks that say you need complex computer algorithms and models to predict the bursting of bubbles in the Real Estate market or the Stock Market and that these “rare events” are so complicated that nobody can predict when such events are going to happen. ( )  What a load of PURE 100% RUBBISH!

The Central Banks create the bubbles and then they burst them. If no one can predict them, then why are there always a handful of INDEPENDENT, NON-BANKING AFFILIATED analysts that ALWAYS predict these crashes right before they happen? And why are none of the banking shill economists ever among these handful of people? I even predicted the US stock market crash on April 23, 2008 just 18 days before it happened here

There ought to be financial journalists dedicated to just de-bunking the thousands of articles that contain the deception, lies, and propaganda put forth by Central Bankers in newspapers every day! Former US Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Alan Blinder even said,

"the last duty of a Central Banker is to tell the public the truth"

and Central Bankers constantly engage the media to perpetually tell lies to the people about how they control the economic cycle and how easy it is to predict based upon their deliberate mismanagement of fiat monetary policy to deliberately create crises.

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