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Defkalion Green Technologies to Make Cold Fusion Related Announcement Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recently, Defkalion Green Technologies, the company with an exclusive license to deploy the Andrea Rossi E-CAT (Energy Catalyzer) cold fusion technology in Europe notified reporters of an impending press conference.  Here is the invitation letter as it appears on Daniele Passerini's website Ventidue passi d'amore è dintorni (22passi.blogspot.com):
Dear Daniele,

Defkalion Green Technologies s.a. cordially invites you to attend its press conference to announce a technological breakthrough in energy with exclusive rights to Greece.

Kind Regards,

Symeon Tsalikoglou

Press Conference




Thursday 23rd June, 2011

RSVP: [omissis]                                                A Reception will follow

Today, there is great pessimism regarding the future energy needs of our planet. Energy will soon become universally cheap, clean and readily usable.

Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi have discovered and patented a technology that will change the world’s energy field. This technology will be made commercially available by Defkalion Green Technologies s.a., a Greek company.

By combining Hydrogen and Nickel to create an exothermic reaction (at room temperatures and in a device that can be safely placed in households and also industry) heat is emitted on a 24-hour basis. This energy is produced at a fraction of the cost in comparison to currently available energy sources, it is clean and totally green. Furthermore, using conventional, readily available third-party technologies, the heat can also be used to produce electricity.

Defkalion Green Technologies s.a. has secured exclusive distribution rights for the entire world, except for the USA and military applications. It will start production and first distribution of its products from its factory in Xanthi for the Greek and Balkan markets, initially. Two more factories are scheduled within 2012. International sales are already strong in demand, which will spur exports.

Suffice to say, that Greece possesses 83% of Europe’s Nickel deposits, a key strategic consideration. Furthermore, at this time of the global financial crisis, Greece is faced with a golden opportunity to become energy self-sufficient, gain in employment in one of its most underdeveloped regions, as well as become a technological leader in this new scientific field.

The press conference will comprise of undisclosed to-date information relating the technology’s commercial and industrial applications, the company’s strategic placements, as well as commercial issues that are of interest not only to Defkalion’s future customers, but also to the political society of our country. It goes without saying that such an important development also possesses a strong international dimension in many aspects.

Defkalion Green Technologies s.a.
If you have been following the news on Greece, they are currently facing political and economic turmoil, as the Greek people protest their government and the austerity measures implemented to qualify for EU/IMF bailout loans.  The European sovereign debt crisis is a recurring theme which first became of concern in late 2009 when there were worries Greece, Portugal and Ireland would default.  The crisis resurfaced in May and June of 2010 and has now reared its ugly head again.  Today the Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou faces a no-confidence vote in the Greek Parliament at midnight, Greece time (Tuesday, June 21 5 PM EST), which is one of the hurdles that must be overcome in order for Greece to receive bailout loans from the EU/IMF, and other entities.

How did a small Greek company get the rights to distribute this groundbreaking technology in all of Europe?  Here is the background.  The Vice President of Defkalion Green Technologies, Professor Christos Stremmenos, is the man responsible for bringing cold fusion to Greece.  Christos Stremmenos is both a scientist who has done his own research and experiments with cold fusion and a former Greek ambassador to Italy.  Professor Stremmenos at one point had moved to Italy to marry an Italian woman and teach at the University of Bologna, which is where he met experimental physicist Sergio Focardi, friend and business partner to Andrea Rossi (holder of the E-CAT patents and creator of the secret catalysts which make cold fusion possible).  Professor Stremmenos worked with the Greek government in order to set up the €200 million Defkalion factory in Xanthi, Greece which will manufacture the cold fusion E-CAT devices starting in 2012.  Per Swedish publication NY Teknik the factory has the capacity to produce 300,000 E-CATs a year with the first year targeting 40,000 units.  Note that Professor Stremmenos, is a personal friend of George Papandreou, the Prime Minister of Greece, and did relay information to his old friend regarding developments in cold fusion.  Apparently Papandreou expressed some enthusiasm/belief in the idea at the time of the disclosure. [1]  Quoting from the English translation/transcript of the Christos Stremmenos interview by Italian radio program Città del Capo:

I just wanted to ask you something like this, seeing that you also have a past experience as a diplomatic representative in Italy; so, as to your specific role. You were active with the Greek Government to further the experimentation of this plant. … What is your role?
I understand your question, Doctor [laughs]. This thing, well it’s like with old loves. When I retired, I wanted to set up my own lab and quietly continue my research. But I did inform George Papandreou, the current Prime Minister, who at the time was President of PASOK. In the Convention which elected him, there were these commissions working on various aspects of the Greek economy. These were supposed to lay down the most favoured Party’s platform for government. So I told him, “George, look” — I explained — “I’m still working on this”. So at the Convention he says: “You know, I believe in this thing too, but who knows when it will come about” “I don’t know”, I said, “ truth and fate we haven’t got, but we must support and pursue this line”.
This is why, George Papandreou … Focardi phoned me a couple of years ago: “Listen Christos, the quality leap has come. Rossi has found a way to …” “But did you measure the ...?” “Yes, I took the measurements myself and I have seen the input energy amplified 200 times, and that’s not all...”. I didn’t know Rossi at the time, because he was in the US. “That’s not all”, he said, “I am witness to the fact that Eon, over there near Ferrara, what’s the place called...[1]
Could cold fusion save the Greek economy?  Not in the very short term.  Greece's short term survival is based on political concerns and getting legislation passed to meet requirements for getting bailout loans.  The people of Greece are not happy, which is due to cuts in social services, government jobs and apprehension about forced privatization.  Riots on the streets, strikes and power blackouts are the result.  Cold fusion should, however, make a revolutionary impact in the long term in both Greece and the rest of the world and I tend to agree with the optimism expressed in the press conference invitation letter.

In closing I will leave you with another quote from the Stremmenos interview with Città del Capo:
So this could be very important for a country like Greece, which lately has had very big economic problems, social tensions … it could also be an important development ...

That's right, we will see this later. With extreme caution, we need to do things right. It applies not only to Greece ... this thing is for the whole planet, if developed properly, so as not to succumb through the marketing of the oil companies and all the others.
With other forms of renewable, alternative energy, I believe that there can be a fairly constructive coexistence. It is clear that the problem is that we must eliminate carbon dioxide from this planet. Climate change is not an opinion, not a scientific verdict, it is a reality that we live day by day, so we have to work on it. As for the question why both Rossi and Focardi have convinced themselves that Greece is a suitable country: it’s because we do not have primary energy sources outside of hydropower. And lignite of course, but there isn’t a more polluting fuel than that ...[1]
[1] Stremmenos: "cold fusion will solve many problems of humanity", Radio Città del Capo, Bologna, Italy with English translation provided by Ventidue passi d'amore è dintorni