Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 13, 2009 Monday Short GBP/USD 10 microlots

I actually shorted the GBP/USD here which was failing the yesterday's high and yesterday's close levels, because it was lagging behind the EUR/USD in terms of breaking down. I first noticed that the EUR/USD had started breaking down first from similar levels but didn't want to short EUR/USD directly because it was extended and the stop might have been a bit big... Unfortunately, although GBP/USD did lag in following the EUR/USD down, it was too strong to produce a significant downmove so instead I took a small stop. I should have picked another pair the GBP/USD was far too strong.

Second Forex trade of April 2009 (Short 10 microlots GBP/USD Stopped Out 28 pips):
Second Forex Trade of April 2009 Screenshot

Tough day for me, I feel like I need another vacation already.