Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9, 2009 Thursday Trade 2 Short 2 Contracts

With the 3 minute chart remaining overbought and having formed a lower peak in its stochastics to confirm the price lower high, saw evidence in the bid/ask volume indicator that sellers were stepping in again with a good hook down from high bands on the 233 tick chart (price confirmation). When I saw my uptrend line on the 233 tick chart tagged and the lower bollinger band on the 3 minute chart also tagged just got out the second contract due to this very strong gap/uptrend.

Trade 2 (Short 2 Contracts +1.25 +1.75 points):
Trade 2 Screenshot

Note: The ORB (opening range breakout) did work this morning for 4.25 points profit but if you for example had placed your stop 2 ticks below the low of the 15 minute opening range, you would be risking about 4.75 points to get 4.25 points. 15 minutes is just one way to bracket the range but that is a common one. I did the opposite of what I did yesterday, did not take the ORB instead faded the extended move. I think lately the abnormal trending of the market has been messing with my psychology and normal trading habits. I feel ORB is good only under special conditions. Yesterday I took it haphazardly without considering whether or not the special conditions are met, so I lost. Normally if you buy a breakout with high bands on your oscillator it will fail.