Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 15, 2009 Wednesday Short EUR/USD and Short AUD/USD

Forex Trade 3 of Month of April 2009 - Shorted 10 microlots of the EUR/USD on failure of the daily pivot point, was faked out we had a buying spike (follow-through from bullish US session to the Asian session probably). Stopped out -43 pips.

Forex Trade 4 of Month of April 2009 - Shorted 10 microlots of the AUD/USD on a breakout failure of the yesterday's high level. Noticed that the MACD on several timeframes formed nice divergences with price was waiting for some sort of confirmation to get short. Failure of the magenta line (yesterday's high) was my trigger to get in. I scaled out 5 microlots at 28 pips and tried to trail the remaining 5 microlots for yesterday's low but saw the daily pivot point (yellow line) holding so just got out. Short AUD/USD 10 microlots +28 pips on 5, +36 pips on 5.

Trade 3 (Short 10 microlots EUR/USD Stopped Out -43 pips):
Trade 4 (Short 10 microlots AUD/USD +28 pips on 5, +36 pips on 5):
Trade 3,4 of Month of April 2009 Screenshot

Treading water today in Fx tonight, down...$10.55 USD :(