Friday, April 3, 2009

April 3, 2009 Trades 1-5

I am doing all of my morning trades in one screen grab and blog since I was active this morning and didn't have time to do individual blogs.

Trade 1 and 2 are trying to get long on pullback of initial buying spike from the NFP (non-farm payrolls report). The first try was dumb didn't wait for a good enough pullback so took a stop, trade 2 worked but eventually the failure to retake yesterday's high and hold showed a failure.

Trade 3 was a long for the gap fill after seeing some support but this was stopped out as the gap close level was unable to be filled this morning due to the sellers being in control of the market on failure of key level.

Trade 4 was a short to go with a opening range breakdown.

Trade 5 was shorting a retracement to go with the downtrend.

Trade 1 (Long 1 Contract stopped out -2.5 points):
Trade 2 (Long 1 Contract +1.5 points):
Trade 3 (Long 1 Contract stopped out -2.75 points):
Trade 4 (Short 2 Contracts +2 +.25 points):
Trade 5 (Short 1 Contract +3 points):
Trades 1-5 Screenshot

Something noteworthy to mention is the 15 minute opening range breakout or breakdown trade is working like a charm lately due to trends not wanting to end. Usually it does not work so well in the ES.