Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday March 13, 2009 Trades

Trade #1: My first trade of the day, nice divergences
of MACD with price on multiple timeframes and failing upper channel line. Premarket though so only shorted 1 contract. Short was in direction of the gap fill level (yesterday's close) which is another bonus.
  Analysis/chart below:
Trade 1 screenshot

Trade #2 and #3:
Here is my trade #2 and #3 of the day. It is based on the same setup of shorting resistance (was anticipating market needed to sell off from looking at hourly chart). Trade 2 was too early I was almost immediately stopped out but I thought the setup was still good so I jumped back in on more confirmation and made back the stop on the second entry.  Analysis/Chart below:
Trade #2,3 Screenshot

Here is my last and final trade for today. I spotted a mostly sound looking bearish Gartley pattern on the 3 minute chart that was in line with the downtrend on the 10 minute chart and price showing it was failing multiple layers of resistance. My analysis and charts are below:
Last trade #4 of day screenshot