Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19, 2009 Thursday Trade 3,4 Short

Both trades 3 and 4 were to try to get in on a retracement to follow the morning's downmove since this looked like a topping pattern to me on the 60 minute chart. Trade 3 was too early, and was stopped out for an average of -2.25 points. Trade 4 was a better entry but the follow through on the downside was stopped so I just scratched out the trade for +.5 points. Right now we are stuck in a trading range could be a bear flag, or not. Got Vista blue screen of death while trying to post my blog, lucky I wasn't in a trade!

Trade 3 (Short 2 contracts stopped out -2 points, -2.5 points),
Trade 4 (Short 2 contracts scratch +.5 points):
Trade 3,4 Screenshot