Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wednesday March 11, 2009 Trades

I saw an important level (730) being reject in the premarket on the S&P500
futures as well as some tails which had formed on the 60 minute chart candles.
There was also a divergence on my oscillators on the 60 min chart.
I shorted the open of the equities market which was in line with a downtrending 3 minute channel and in the direction of the gap fill.
Typically I do not trade before the first 15 minutes of trading has completed. However today I felt there was a good chance for at least a partial gap fill (e.g. anticipating that the price will at least partially retrace back to the yesterday's close level from the open of trading).

Trade 1 Analysis (Shorted 2 ES contracts):
Trade 1

I did a second long trade from a good support area, but only 1 contract since it was the beginning of the lunchtime dangerous trading zone (deadzone).

Trade #2 Analysis:
Trade #2 in deadzone

I barely survived this third trade with a profit, as there was pretty ferocious buying in the afternoon and I shorted.

Trade #3 Analysis:
Trade 3 Bearly Survived!