Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19, 2009 Thursday Trade 6,7 Short

Both trade 6 and 7 were based on trying to get in on a bear flag breakdown. I was pretty sure eventually we would at least test the lows. Trade 6 had no follow although it went a point or two in my favor so I scratched it before it could ramp against me. Trade 7 moved about 3.5 points in my favor but lunch time ended up being very choppy and the lows held so I just trailed the stop and took a smaller target. Very tough day today (for me).

Trade 6 (Short 2 contracts, scratched trade +.5, -.25 points):
Trade 6 Screenshot

Trade 7 (Short 2 contracts, +1.75, +1.75 points):
Trade 7 Screenshot